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Board on Higher Education and Workforce
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Research Universities Convocation

Tuesday, November 15, 2017
NAS Auditorium
2101 Constitution Avenue, NW
Washington, DC

Statement of Task

Vision statement: For over a century, U.S. research universities have provided the heartbeat that keeps major innovation alive and have created a better life for Americans. Today our research universities are the best in the world, yet they face critical threats and challenges that may seriously erode their quality and call into question America’s capability to lead a new century of growth. As Americans, we must accept this challenge and take action. We must ensure continued American leadership and good jobs for Americans through implementing the actions laid out in the report Research Universities and the Future of America.

Context: In 2012, Research Universities and the Future of America presented strategies for ensuring that our nation's research universities contribute strongly to America's prosperity, security, and national goals. Our research universities today confront significant financial pressures, a shifting landscape of the research enterprise, changing demographics, and increased international competition. Now is the time to drive forward a course of action that will ensure that our universities continue to produce the innovations, knowledge, and talent the United States needs to be a global leader in the 21st century.

Course of Action: The Board on Higher Education and Workforce (BHEW) will host a national convocation focused on the role of higher education in supporting economic prosperity, security, health, and global competitiveness –highlighting several of the most relevant and timely recommendations, such as:

• Strengthen university-industry partnerships and opportunities to facilitate the transfer of knowledge, ideas, and technologies to society.

• Reduce the federal regulatory burden on and other administrative barriers to research universities;

• Increase return on investment, cost-effectiveness, and productivity of our research universities as well as state-level and private sector investments; and

• Secure the full benefits of higher education at research universities for all students, including underrepresented groups.

BHEW in collaboration with other PGA units and with leadership of the three Academies, will collaborate with the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, APLU, AAU, the Business Roundtable, to develop a blueprint and secure stakeholder commitments to ensure the continued leadership of our research universities.

Planning Committee for the Research Universities Convocation
July 28, 2017
Keck Building
Washington, DC 


Committee Members

James J. Duderstadt, Chair
President Emeritus,
Professor of Science and Engineering
University of Michigan

Ana Mari Cauce
University of Washington

Peter Henderson
Senior Advisor to the President
University of Maryland Baltimore County

William (Brit) Kirwan
Chancellor Emeritus
University System of Maryland

Neal F. Lane
Senior Fellow in Science and Technology Policy; Baker Institute
Professor of Physics and Astronomy Emeritus; Rice University

Richard K. Miller
Olin College of Engineering

Patrick L. Murray
Senior Program Officer in US Government Relations
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Cheryl A. Oldham
Vice President of Education Policy; US Chamber of Commerce
Senior Vice President of Education and Workforce Program; US Chamber of Commerce Foundation

Chad Womack
National Director of STEM Initiatives
United Negro College Fund (UNCF)


Tom Rudin
Board on Higher Education and Workforce

Yasmeen Hussain
Associate Program Officer
Board on Higher Education and Workforce

Jaime Colman
Senior Program Assistant
Board on Higher Education and Workforce