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USNC/MI Meeting at the 2015 NCTM Annual Meeting and Exposition
The next meeting of the USNC/MI will be on April 14, 2015 at the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Annual Meeting and Exposition in Boston, MA.

14th Inter-American Conference on Mathematics Education (IACME) Dates Announced: May 3-7, 2015 in Tuxtla Gutierrez, Mexico
The Inter-American Math Education Committee has announced the dates of the 14th annual IACME: May 3-7, 2015 in Tuxtla Gutierrez, Mexico. Educators, researchers, and specialists in mathematics education from throughout the Americas and elsewhere are invited to attend. Event details can be found on the website of the International Commission on Mathematical Instruction

13th International Congress on Mathematics Education (ICME-13) Dates Announced: July 24 - 31, 2016 in Hamburg, Germany
Participants from all over the world are encouraged to come to Hamburg and make ICME-13 a rich experience for all. Congress attendees will experience the very special characteristics of the German mathematics education discussion, which is closely connected to European traditions of didactics of mathematics and has seen important recent developments. Information on the Congress can be found on the ICME-13 website.


USNC/MI Meeting at the 2014 NCTM Annual Meeting and Exposition
The last USNC/ICMI Meeting was held on April 12 at the 2014 NCTM Annual Meeting and Exposition in New Orleans, LA.

USNC/MI Member Sybilla Beckmann at 2014 Annual AMTE Conference
In February, 2014 USNC/ICMI member Sybilla Beckmann presented at the 2014 Annual Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators (AMTE) Conference. Her presentation highlighted the role of the USNC/ICMI in international mathematics education. In addition, she discussed the importance of ensuring mathematics teaching is a vibrant profession, as well as the online Mathematics Teaching Community initiative. For more details, the entire presentation can be found here (PDF file)

The USNC/MI Participation at the 12th International Congress on Math Education (ICME-12): July 8-15, 2012 in Seoul, Korea
The Congress was opened by ICMI President Bill Barton. The Korean Minister for Education, Science and Technology presented the ICMI awards: Klein medals to Gilah Leder (2009) and Alan Schoenfeld (2011), and Freudenthal medals to Yves Chevallard (2009) and Luis Radford (2011). More than 3,500 participants, including 800 Korean mathematics teachers, enjoyed the rich and varied program of plenary presentations, lectures, study and discussion groups, national presentations, and a very popular Mathematical Carnival. For more details, please consult the ICME-12 National Presentation of the United States of America PDF report.

The National Presentation
The United States was selected to have a National Presentation at ICME-12. This honor was particularly rewarding because only three to five countries are selected to have a National Presentation at every congress. The National Presentation highlighted the uniqueness and important features of mathematics education in the U.S. The National Presentation consisted of two 90-minute sessions that were held on Tuesday, July 10th.

The U.S. Exhibit
As part of being selected to have a National Presentation, the U.S. was provided exhibit space to showcase pedagogical products and math education materials. The exhibit showcased not only the uniqueness of math education in the U.S., but also the diversity and variety of products, key players, and stakeholders involved in the practice. The U.S. exhibit included speakers, videos, materials, and a lot of surprises.

The ICMI General Assembly

The U.S. delegation was represented by the two leaders of the USNC/MI, then chair Patrick (Rick) Scott and vice-chair Janine Remillard. Roger Howe (NAS), of Yale University, was reelected as member of the Executive Committee of the International Commission on Mathematical Instruction.

U.S. Travel Grants
In collaboration with NCTM and Michigan State University, fifty travel grants were awarded to American mathematics teachers, mathematicians, graduate students and mathematics teacher educators to attend ICME-12. Travel awardees also had the opportunity to visit Korean schools and observe math lectures.

The U.S. Reception
A U.S. reception was held at the Congress on July 10th for 150 international attendees. The reception was intended to foster international collaborations between U.S. math educators and their international peers. A Speed Networking session facilitated the networking experience between the attendees. The reception was sponsored by NCTM, AMATYC, ASA, and CBMS.

U.S.-Korea Post-Congress Workshop on Math Teaching and Curriculum
Korea has been one of the Asian countries doing particularly well on international assessments. The country also has the highest  percentage of the young adults that have earned a university degree in the world. The USNC/MI held a two-day post-congress workshop at Seoul National University for 18 U.S. and 20 Korean mathematics educators and researchers to discuss the development of curriculums, textbooks, and the teaching profession. The U.S.-Korea joint activity, entitled "The South Korea – U.S. Workshop on Math Teaching and Curriculum," addressed a series of questions and issues related to math teaching and curriculum. View the agenda

Mathematics Education in the United States 2012: A Capsule Summary Fact Book
Under the auspices of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) and the USNC/ICMI, John Dossey, Katherine Halvorsen, and Sharon McCrone prepared the 2012 update to the “Capsule Summary Fact Book” for ICME-12. The 89-page PDF report is available for download.

China-U.S. Mathematics Education Workshop

China-U.S. Math Workshop Participants
(Photo Credit: Mari Muri)

Newport Beach, California, July 31-August 2, 2009
The USNC/MI organized a workshop "Teacher Development Continuum in the United States and China," on the career ladder of mathematics teachers and the structures in place to support teachers of mathematics within the Chinese and U.S. educational systems. The workshop brought together 40 mathematics educators, mathematicians, education researchers, and other mathematics education specialists from the United States and China. Read more about this collaborative workshop.

The purpose of the workshop was to examine the structure of the mathematics teaching profession in the United States and China.  To download a free PDF of the report or to purchase the book, please visit the website of the National Academies Press.  In addition, a two-page PDF summary of the report is available.

The 12-minute YouTube video below features the workshop highlights.



This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant Number DRL-1214813. Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation.

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