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2018 IIASA YSSP Participants

The U.S. National Member Organization  for IIASA and the Board on International Scientific Organizations are pleased to recognize the 2018 IIASA Young Scientist Summer Program participants from United States' institutions and their program areas:

  •  Jessica Burnett, University of Nebraska-Lincoln: Advanced Systems Analysis (ASA)
  • David Abel, University of Wisconsin-Madison: Air Quality and Greenhouse Gases (AIR)
  • Anna Christina Vinton, Yale University: Evolution and Ecology (EEP)
  • Christopher Ross Esposito, University of California-Los Angeles: Energy (ENE)
  • Matthew William Cooper, University of Maryland: Ecosystems Services and Management (ESM)
  • Kedar Kulkarni, Oregon State University: Risk and Resilience (RISK)
  • Nain Breslau Martinez Segura, University of California-Berkeley: Risk and Resilience (RISK)
  • Sara Diane Turner, Pardee Rand Graduate School: Risk and Resilience (RISK)
  • Kelly Cortney Gustafson, University of Maryland: Water (WAT)
  • Merritt Elizabeth Harlan, University of Massachusetts-Amherst: Water (WAT)
  • John Luke-Davidson Irwin, Pardee Rand Graduate School: World Population (POP)
  • Hyuniae Kang, SUNY Stony Brook: World Population (POP)

 IIASA Postdoctoral Program

The USNMO/IIASA encourages young scientists to apply to the IIASA Postdoctoral Program, which affords researchers an opportunity to gain hands-on scientific research experience in an international environment. 
IIASA’s Postdoctoral Program is an annual program that provides funding for several postdoctoral researchers for a 12-24 month period. The program serves to:

  • Encourage and promote the development of young researchers.
  • Offer young researchers the opportunity to further their careers by gaining
    hands-on professional research experience in a highly international scientific environment.
  • Enrich IIASA’s intellectual environment and help achieve research program goals.
  • Successful candidates are expected to conduct their own research within one of IIASA's research programs or special projects on topics related to IIASA's agenda.

Recent winners of IIASA’s Postdoctoral Fellowship Program from the United States include Wendy Francesconi, from the US Department of Agriculture, and Daniel Jessie, from the University of California. Francesconi is the recipient of the newly established Peter de Janosi Fellowship, which supports one post-doc each year. More details can be found on the IIASA website

Visit the IIASA web site for program activities, eligibility, and application materials.

 Young Scientists Summer Program

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The United States supports advanced graduate students from U.S. institutions to travel to Austria to take part in IIASA’s 3-month Young Scientists Summer Program (YSSP). YSSP fellows work closely with IIASA’s senior scientists on projects within the Institute’s research areas.

Participants are able to develop and expand their research topics and partake in a worldwide network of specialists with broad interdisciplinary and cross-cultural perspectives. Since the program’s conception in 1977, more than 1400 participants from over 70 countries have collaborated with IIASA researchers and engaged in scientific research of regional and global importance.

If you are interested in YSSP 2019, 
visit the IIASA web site for program activities, eligibility, and application materials.

 Southern African Young Scientists Summer Program

The Southern African Young Scientists Summer Program (SA-YSSP), now in its third year, is a three-month program for talented young researchers to work with scientists from South Africa and IIASA. The SA-YSSP is organized jointly by the South African National Research Foundation, the South African Department of Science and Technology, the University of the Free State in Bloemfontein, South Africa, and IIASA.

PhD students from South Africa, sub-Saharan African countries, and other IIASA member countries including the United States are eligible to apply. Last year’s SA-YSSP included two U.S. participants: Simon Nampindo from the University of Massachusetts and Nathaniel Tindall from the Georgia Institute of Technology. Visit the IIASA web site for program activities, eligibility, and application materials.


Core support for USNMO/IIASA is provided by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. 1663864, with policy involvement of the Office of Science and Technology Policy, the Department of State, the Department of Energy, the Department of Commerce (NOAA), the USDA Forest Service, and the Environmental Protection Agency. Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation.

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