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IUPAC Company Associates Program

The IUPAC Company Associates program offers a mechanism whereby industries participate in IUPAC's policy and direction. Through the U.S. National Committee (USNC) and IUPAC's Committee on Chemistry and Industry (COCI), industrial interests and concerns are addressed at the national and international level. Currently, the program involves over 140 companies from 26 countries. The U.S. companies who have participated in the program are listed below.

Throughout IUPAC's history, the organization has been responsive to the needs of the chemistry-intensive industries. Classical questions of international nomenclature and standards must continue to be resolved through international agreements, as do issues surrounding publishing practices and electronic communications frameworks. The USNC represents the U.S. consensus position on such issues which include, for example, publishing practices or electronic communications frameworks as these are studied, debated and decided upon by the IUPAC Council. The USNC is dedicated to continue its efforts to bring about productive change that will enable IUPAC to better fulfill its mission as the responsible international body for the chemical sciences and technology.

Funding from IUPAC Company Associates enable activities which:

  • Maintain strong industrial direction to IUPAC activities, such as the recently written "white papers" on chlorine compounds; on endocrine disrupters; and on oil spills. These issues are of paramount importance to the commercial manufacturers and users of these two broad classes of chemicals.
  • Engage the industrial community in shaping future IUPAC projects to address urgent industrial chemical issues which have international implications.
  • Engage younger industrial and academic scientists in the debate of international chemical Issues, helping to build a future community of chemists who can work effectively across national boundaries.
  • Strengthen international relationships with other member countries to gain support for U.S. positions on economic competitiveness, sustainable development, and R&D.

U.S. companies are encouraged to participate in the IUPAC Company Associates Program by contacting Program Officer Kathryn Hughes.

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