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  • Laura McConnell, Chair
    Bayer CropScience
  • Luis Echegoyen, Vice Chair
    University of Texas, El Paso
  • John Brauman
    Stanford University
  • LaShanda T.J. Korley
    Case Western Reserve University
  • C. Bradley Moore
    University of California, Berkeley
  • Daniel Rabinovich
    University of North Carolina at Charlotte
  • Michelle Rogers
    The Lubrizol Corporation
  • Jon Schwantes
    Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
  • Ellen Stechel
    Arizona State University
Lois Peterson Kent, Program Officer
Pam Gamble, Administrative Associate

IUPAC Officers

  • Mark Cesa, INEOS USA (retired)
    Past President, IUPAC
  • Christopher K. Ober, Cornell University
    Elected Member of IUPAC Bureau
  • Angela K. Wilson, Michigan State University
    President, IUPAC Physical and Biophysical Chemistry Division
    NSF Division of Chemistry
  • Christine Luscombe, University of Washington
    Vice President, IUPAC Polymer Division
  • Michael Walter, Univeisity of North Carolina at Charlotte
    Secretary, IUPAC Polymer Division
  • Laura McConnell, Bayer CropScience
    Past President, IUPAC Chemistry and the Environment Division
  • Thomas J. Perun, Abbott Laboratories (retired)
    President, IUPAC Chemistry and Human Health Division
  • Carolyn Ribes, Dow Benelux B.V.
    Secretary, IUPAC Committee on Chemistry & Industry
  • Bonnie Lawlor, National Federation of Abstracting and Information Services (retired)
    Chair, IUPAC Committee on Publications and Cheminformatics Data Standards (CPCDS)
  • James Liu, American Chemical Society
    Secretary, CPCDS
Professional Associations and National Academies

  • Allison A. Campbell, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
    President, American Chemical Society
  • ACS Representative for the Executive Director
  • T. Bond Calloway, Savannah River National Laboratory
    President, American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE)
  • June C. Wispelwey, AIChE
    Executive Director, AIChE
  • David Bem, PPG
    Co-Chair, NRC Board on Chemical Sciences and Technology
  • David Walt, Tufts University
    Co-Chair, NRC Board on Chemical Sciences and Technology


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