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                         BISO BRDI Joint Symposium 

Board on International Scientific Organizations
and the
U.S. Committee on Data for Science and Technology
Board on Research Data and Information
National Academy of Sciences
in consultation with the
Committee on Freedom and Responsibility in the conduct of Science
International Council for Science

Room 100
National Academy of Sciences
500 Fifth Street NW
Washington, DC

18-19 April 2011


View the statement of task and background of the international symposium.




Monday, 18 April

Session One: Setting the Stage
Session Chair: Farouk El-Baz, Boston University

8:45Welcoming remarksCharles Vest,
President, National Academy of Engineering
9:00Background and purpose of the Symposium
A historical perspective
Farouk El-Baz,
Symposium Co-Chair
9:20Keynote presentation: Why is international scientific data sharing important?
UNESCO Science
10:00Coffee break 

Session Two: Status of Access to Scientific Data
Session Chair: Roberta Balstad, Columbia University

10:30Overview of Scientific Data Policies
Roberta Balstad,
Columbia University



Examples of scientific data sharing policies in developing countries

- Implementing a research data access
  policy in South Africa (presentation)


Michael Kahn,
CREST, University of Stellenbosch, SA

11:05- Developing a research data access policy
  in Chile (presentation)
Patricia Muñoz,
11:25- Need for a national scientific data policy in
  Tanzania (presentation)

Leonard Mboera and
Benjamin Mayala
National Institute for
Medical Research, Tanzania

11:45The data sharing policy of the World
Meteorological Organization
Jack Hayes
Permanent U.S. Representative to the WMO
12:05Moderated Panel Discussion(all morning speakers)
Moderator: Farouk El-Baz, Boston University

Session Three: Compelling Benefits
Session Chair: Barbara Andrews, University of Chile


Examples of past successes 

 - Developing the rice genome in China
Huanming Yang,
Beijing Genomics Institute,
 - Virtual astronomy (presentation)
Zeljko Ivezic,
University of Washington
 - Sharing engineering data for failure analysis
  in airplane crashes (presentation)
Dan Cheney,
Federal Aviation Administration
15:15Examples where more data sharing could make a big difference  
 - Improving disaster response (presentation)Jane Rovins,
ICSU, Integrated Research on Disaster Risk, China 
 - Understanding biodiversity (presentation)Vanderlei Canhos
Reference Center on Environmental Information, Brazil

- Social Statistics as One of the Instruments of
  Strategic Management of Sustainable
  Development Processes: Compelling
  Examples (presentation)

Victoria Bakhtina,
International Finance Corporation
 - Remote sensing and in situ measurements in the Global Earth Observing System of Systems (presentation)Curtis Woodcock,
Boston University
16:45Moderated Panel Discussion  (all 8 speakers)

Tuesday, 19 April

Session Four: The Limits and Barriers to Data Sharing
Session Chair: Roger Pfister, Swiss Academy of Sciences, and ICSU/CFRS


Introduction (presentation)

9:00Consideration of barriers to data sharing
Elaine Collier,
National Center for Research Resources, NIH
 Artificial barriers to data sharing 
 - Technical aspects (presentation)Donald Riley,
University of Maryland
- Scientific management and cultural aspects
David Carlson,
University of Colorado
10:00- Political and institutional aspects
Tilahun Yilma,
UC, Davis
10:20Moderated Panel Discussion on Overcoming the Barriers(all 4 speakers)
Moderator: Roger Pfister,
Swiss Academy of Sciences, and ICSU/CFRS 

Session Five: How to Improve Data Access and Use
Session Chair: John Rumble, Information International Associates
[Perspectives of different stakeholder groups on the rights and
responsibilities of scientists and research organizations with regard to
providing and getting access to publicly funded scientific data.]

11:20Government science policy makers and research funders (presentation)Gretchen Kalonji,
11:40International scientific organizationsBengt Gustafsson,
12:00Professional societies and researchers
Daniel Schaffer,
13:30Industry (presentation)John Rumble,
13:50Universities (presentation)Hilary Inyang,
African Continental University System Initiative
14:10Data centers (presentation)Yasuhiro Murayama,
World Data System/NICT, Japan
14:30Libraries (presentation)Stephen Griffin,
National Science Foundation
14:50Young scientists (presentation)Haswira Nor Mohamad Hashim,
Malaysia, and Queensland University of Technology, Australia 
15:10Moderated Panel Discussion: rights and responsibilities of scientists on
data access and use  
(all 8 speakers)
15:55Concluding observationsBengt Gustafsson,
16:00End of Meeting 

Funding for this symposium was provided by the National Science Foundation through Grants # OISE-0614728 and OCI-1040898.