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The Hans Liebe Lectureship Series

The U.S. National Committee (USNC) for the Union of Radio Scientists Internationale (URSI), with the generous support of the Liebe family, has established the Hans Liebe Lectureship in microwave and optical spectroscopy as applied to radio science, remote sensing, and telecommunications.

This lectureship provides travel support and an honorarium for a distinguished member of the radio science community to deliver a lecture on the professional topic of their interest at each of the annual USNC-URSI Radio Science meetings. A list of past lecturers includes:

Dr. Maria P. Cadeddu, Argonne National Laboratory
5th HL lecturer, Boulder USNC-URSI meeting, January 2018
"Spectroscopy and Remote Sensing Studies with the Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) Ground-based Microwave and Millimeter-wave Radiometers: A Review of Accomplishments and Recent Challenges"

Dr. Christian Mätzler, IAP Bern (retired)
4th HL lecturer, Boulder USNC-URSI meeting, January 2017
"Interactions of Microwaves with Ice and Snow - From Experiments to Models for Applications in Remote Sensing"

Dr. Paul G. Steffes, Georgia Institute of Technology
3rd HL lecturer, Boulder USNC-URSI meeting, January 2016
"Microwave Remote Sensing of Planetary Atmospheres from Spacecraft: The 50 Years from Mariner 2 to NASA-JUNO

Dr. Susanne Crewell, University of Cologne
2nd HL lecturer, Vancouver APS-URSI meeting, July 2015
"Extending Operational Satellite Cloud Remote Sensing into the Submillimeter Range: The Challenge of Supercooled Liquid Water Absorption"

Dr. David D. Turner, NOAA National Severe Storms Laboratory
1st HL lecturer, Boulder USNC-URSI meeting, January 2014
"Using Microwave and Submillimeter Radiometer Observations to Improve Climate Models"