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Workshop on U.S. – China Health and Biomedical Data Cooperation
U.S. National Committee for CODATA
Board on International Scientific Organizations
National Academy of Sciences, U.S.
Chinese National Committee for CODATA
International Cooperation Bureau
Chinese Academy of Sciences
Lecture Room
National Academy of Sciences
2100 C Street NW
Washington, DC
1 November 2007
Preliminary Agenda
Morning Session Co-Chairs:
Dr. Roberta Balstad, Columbia University, US
Prof. Jiarui WU, Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences (SIBS), China

Workshop Rapporteurs:
Paul Uhlir, JD, National Academy of Sciences, US
Dr. Ling YIN, PLA General Hospital, China
Session One: Background to this Initiative
9:00     Introductions by Co-Chairs                                                      
9:10     Welcoming Remarks
            John Boright, NAS and Dr. Belinda Seto, NIH
9:30     Overview of the U.S. – China Roundtable on Scientific Data Cooperation Activities
            Dr. Roberta Balstad, Columbia University, Chair, US CODATA   
9:40     Results of the 2007 Xiangshan Conference on International Biomedical Data Sharing
            Prof. Heng WANG, China Academy of Medical Sciences
10:00   Keynote presentation: Importance of Data Sharing for Progress in Biomedical Research and Applications
            Dr. Kenneth Buetow, NIH/National Cancer Institute
10:20   Background and Objectives of this Workshop
            Paul Uhlir, JD, US CODATA, NAS
10:30   Tea and coffee break
Session Two: Requirements Analysis and Planning for Biomedical Data Sharing and Integration—Identification of Key Issues for Further Work
10:50   Introductory comments by Co-Chairs
11:00   Results of Questionnaires of Bilateral Researchers in China and the United States
-         Dr. Ailin LI, PLA General Hospital
-         Paul Uhlir, JD, US CODATA, NAS
11:30   General discussion
12:00   Lunch
Afternoon Session Co-Chairs:
Prof. Michael Johnson, Center for Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, University of Illinois at Chicago
Prof. Heng WANG, SIBS, China
Session Three: Discussion of Proposals
13:00   Introductory comments by Co-Chairs
13:10   Short presentations of proposals by each side and general discussion
16:00   Tea and coffee break
16:30   Short presentations of proposals by each side and general discussion
Session Four: Closing Remarks
18:00   Summary of major points from discussion by Rapporteurs and overview of discussion agenda at the U.S. – China Roundtable on the next day
18:20   Concluding observations by afternoon session Co-Chairs                                                         
18:30   End of meeting
            Reception and buffet dinner at NAS Great Hall