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Workshop on U.S. – China Seismological Data Cooperation
U.S. National Committee for CODATA
Board on International Scientific Organizations
National Academy of Sciences, U.S.
Chinese National Committee for CODATA
International Cooperation Bureau
Chinese Academy of Sciences
National Academy of Sciences
Room 150
2100 C Street NW
Washington, DC
November 1, 2007
Session One: Introductions and Opening Remarks
12:00   Working Lunch for Workshop Participants at the Academy Refectory
               -    Introductions of the participants
13:00   Welcoming remarks by Workshop co-Chairs
               -         Roberta Balstad, Chair, U.S. National Committee for CODATA, National Academy of Sciences (NAS)
               -         Huadong GUO, leader of Chinese Delegation, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)
13:30   Background and objectives of this Workshop
              Raymond Willemann, IRIS
Session Two: Scientific Uses of Continuous Data from Seismic Stations
13:40   Ambient noise tomography
              Michael Ritzwoller, Univ. of Colorado
14:00   Cross-correlation detection of repeating earthquakes    
              Paul Richards, Columbia University
14:20   Detection of slow seismic events, including mid-oceanic earthquakes, fast glacial sliding, landslides, and volcano-related slip
              Goran Ekstrom, Columbia University
14:40   Monitoring stress changes on the San Andreas Fault using signal codas from small earthquakes
              Paul Silver, Carnegie Institution of Washington
15:00   Tea break
15:20   Uses of Global Seismic Data at the National Earthquake Information Center and the Albuquerque Seismological Laboratory
              Lind Gee and William Leith, USGS
15:40   Using continuous data to monitor the newly-discovered phenomenon of "tremor and slip"
              Ken Creager, Univ. of Washington
16:00   Emergency Access to and Sharing of Global Earthquake Disaster Data
              Guosheng QU, NERSS
16:20   Introduction to the China Seismological Observation and Data Service System
              Ruifeng LIU, China Earthquake Administration (CEA)
Session Three: Seismological Data Sharing Policies
16:40   Presentations of seismological data access and use policies at government agencies in the United States and China           
              James Whitcomb, NSF, William Leith, USGS, and Manda WANG, CEA
              - Discussion                                        
Session Four: New Proposals for Seismological Data Exchange and Cooperation
17:20   Presentations of proposals from the United States and China
              - Discussion
Session Five: Closing Session
18:10   Summary of major points and overview of discussion agenda for the U.S.–China Roundtable on the next day
               Raymond Willemann, IRIS
18:20   Concluding observations by Workshop co-Chairs                                                        
18:25   End of meeting
18:30   Reception and buffet at NAS Great Hall