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Minna Allarakhia

Minna Allarakhia has a doctorate in Management Sciences with a focus on Management of Technology from the University of Waterloo. She holds a Bachelor’s of Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a Master’s of Science from Brown University, and a Master’s of Applied Science in the area of Management of Technology from the University of Waterloo.
Her general interests lie in innovation and the management of technology with an emphasis on the biopharmaceutical industry. Her research interests encompass knowledge structures and knowledge management in the biopharmaceutical industry, strategic management including models of open innovation, technology transfer and commercialization, intellectual property, and drug access policies.
Minna is currently faculty in the Management Sciences Department at the University of Waterloo and is Director of the BioEndeavor Network—a non-profit organization dedicated to open source business education material development targeting the biotech and biomedical industries in developing and under-developed markets.