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Christine L. Borgman
Professor & Presidential Chair in Information Studies
University of California, Los Angeles

 Christine L. Borgman is Professor and Presidential Chair in Information Studies at UCLA. She is the author of more than 180 publications in the fields of information studies, computer science, and communication. Both of her sole-authored monographs, Scholarship in the Digital Age: Information, Infrastructure, and the Internet(MIT Press, 2007) and From Gutenberg to the Global Information Infrastructure: Access to Information in a Networked World (MIT Press, 2000), have won the Best Information Science Book of the Year award from the American Society for Information Science and Technology. She is a lead investigator for the Center for Embedded Networked Systems (CENS), a National Science Foundation Science and Technology Center, where she conducts data practices research. She chaired the Task Force on Cyberlearning for the NSF, resulting in the report, Fostering Learning in the Networked World. Prof. Borgman’s keynotes and plenary presentations in 2009 include the Digital Humanities Conference, Joint Conference on Digital Libraries, 40th Anniversary Conference of the Open University, Marschak Lecture (UCLA), Kanazawa Institute International Seminar on Libraries (Japan), and invited talks at the University of Oxford, Harvard University, Columbia University, University of Pittsburgh, and Michigan State University.