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Fifth Meeting of the
Board on Research Data and Information
National Research Council
June 13-14, 2011
Embassy Suites, 900 10th Street, Washington, DC
Monday, June 13, 2011 

Meeting of the US National Committee for CODATA Executive Committee
Embassy Suites, 900 10th Street, Washington DC
Capital C Room (lower level)
Open Session
08:45    A. Opening remarks
                 1. Welcome and introductions,
                     Roberta Balstad
                 2. Goals and agenda review for USNC/CODATA activities
09:00    B. Review of international and USNC/CODATA activities
                 1. Key issues and actions from 2011 CODATA Executive Committee meeting
                     Bob Chen and Sara Graves
                   a. Overview of CODATA 2011 Executive Committee Meeting and next CODATA Strategic Plan
                          (CODATA Draft Resolutions from GA 2011)
                   b. CODATA Young Scientists proposal
                   c. CODATA issues for ICSU General Assembly in September 2011 (File 1, File 2)
                   d. CODATA-ICSU workshop on nanotechnology
                   e. CODATA 2012 Conference
                   f. CODATA-IRDR activities
                   g. CODATA data management training for developing countries
                   h. CODATA Task Group issues
                   i. Israeli CODATA workshop on data for geriatric applications
                      ACTION: Discuss potential US follow-up
                     (with BISO and ICSU)
                     Roberta Balstad
                     FOR INFORMATION
                 3. US-China Roundtable and bilateral Data Sharing workshop
                     Roberta Balstad
                     ACTION: Advise on topics and experts for the workshop
                 4. Data Attribution and Citation Practices and Standards project (with CODATA-ICSTI Task Group)
                      Proposed Work Plan, Draft Agenda
                     Bonnie Carroll
                     ACTION: Advise on status of plans for August symposium/workshop
10:30    Coffee break
11:00    B. Review of international and USNC/CODATA activities (continued)  
                 5. US CODATA - World Data System Forum - WDS Forum Summary, SSCID Report
                      Bob Chen, Jean-Bernard Minster, and David Clark
                     ACTION: Discuss options
                6. Review and discussion of the GEO Data Sharing Task Force white papers  (File 1, File 2)
                       Helen Wood, NOAA; Bob Chen and Paul Uhlir
                       ACTION: Discuss potential revisions to the texts and US follow-up
                7. Other US CODATA issues for international CODATA
                      - General discussion
11:45     Adjourn for lunch in meeting room 

Fifth Meeting of the Board on Research Data and Information
Embassy Suites, 900 10th Street, Washington DC
Capital C Room (lower level)
Preliminary Agenda
Open Session
12:10    C. Major Issues since the fourth Board meeting—lunchtime roundtable discussion of all meeting participants
13:00    D. Welcoming remarks
                 Michael Lesk
                 1. Introductions
                 2. Agenda review
13:10    E. Director’s report
                 Paul Uhlir
                 1. Action items from last meeting
                 2. Recent and ongoing Board projects
                 3. Action items from morning session of US CODATA
                  -- General discussion
13:30    F. Planned and potential BRDI projects
                 Michael Lesk, chair
                 ACTION: Review focus, scope, and task statement for each draft project
                 1. Study on Future Career Opportunities and Educational Requirements for Digital Curation (Margaret Hedstrom)
                            (RDWS, CLIR, Univ Michigan Symposium)
                 2. Sustainability Strategies for Non-commercial Scientific Databases (Paul Uhlir)
                 3. Research Data as Intellectual Property: How the Law Influences Data Sharing (Michael Carroll)
                 4. A Research Agenda for Data Stewardship (Michael Lesk)
                 5. The Impact of Data Management Mandates (Michael Lesk)
                 6. US-CODATA World Data System Forum (Bob Chen)
15:10    G. Discussion with NOAA Liaisons
              Scott Hausman and Helen Wood
15:30    Break
16:00   H.
Public Symposium on
Embassy Suites, 900 10th Street, Washington DC
Capital A Room (lower level)
18:15       Adjourn
Closed Session
18:30    I. Board member working dinner
                  Bistro d'Oc, 518 10th St NW, Washington, DC 20004-1401
Tuesday, June 14, 2011 

Meeting of the Board on Research Data and Information
Embassy Suites, 900 10th Street, Washington DC
Capital C Room (lower level)
Open Session
9:00      J. Roundtable discussion of Sponsor interests
                 Michael Lesk, chair
                 Questions to discuss:                      
                 - What are the key challenges for Sponsors and how can the Board help?
                 - What are the strengths and weaknesses of Board’s recent, ongoing, and planned activities?
                 - How can we improve the Sponsor – Board relationship?
                 1. National Science Foundation, Sylvia Spengler and Mimi McClure, NSF
                 2. National Institutes of Health, Jerry Sheehan, NLM, and Elaine Collier, NCRR
                 3. National Institute for Standards and Technology, Wo Chang, NIST
                 4. Institute for Museum and Library Services, Joyce Ray, IMLS
                 5. Library of Congress, Peter Young, LC
                 6. U.S. Geological Survey, Linda Gunderson, USGS
11:00    Break
11:15    K. New open access policy for Academy PDFs
                    Barbara Kline-Pope, National Academies Press
11:30    L. Outreach and coordination with other non-governmental organizations
                   Michael Lesk, chair
                   Discussion with representatives of external groups focused on the following issues:
                    - Areas in which we have common organizational objectives
                    - What the Board should focus on in the near term, and
                    - Identification of any issues or activities in which we might usefully coordinate or collaborate.
                 1. American Library Association, Alan Inouye, Director, Information Technology Policy
                 2. Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association, Caroline Sutton, OASPA President (invited)
                 3. Knowledge Ecology International, Manon Ress, Director of Information Society Projects, KEI
                 4. Updates from representatives of other non-governmental organizations
                                Stan Ahalt, Eugene Kolker
                     - General discussion
1:00    Lunch (in meeting room)
Closed Session
                 Paul Uhlir
13:50    N. Discussion of Sponsor interests and BRDI response
                 Michael Lesk
                 Michael Lesk
16:00    P. Closing remarks
                 Michael Lesk
                 1.  Action items, schedule, and assignments
                 2.  Chair’s closing remarks
16:15      End of meeting