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DESIGNING THE MICROBIAL RESEARCH COMMONS: Proceedings of an International Workshop

The Board on Research Data and Information (BRDI) is pleased to publish the report:  Designing the Microbial Research Commons: Proceedings of an International Workshop. It is available electronically at:
BRDI, in collaboration with the Board on Life Sciences, held an International Symposium on Designing the Microbial Research Commons at the National Academy of Sciences in Washington, DC on 8-9 October 2009. The meeting addressed topics such as models to lower the transaction costs and support access to and use of microbiological materials and digital resources in publicly funded research, public-private interactions, and developing country concerns. The overall goal of the symposium was to stimulate more research and implementation of improved legal, institutional, and governance models for publicly funded research in microbiology specifically, and in the life sciences more generally. Additional information about the report is available at
The report is a compilation of that symposium’s presentations, giving an overview of the state of microbial research resource access and use in different sectors – government, academia, and industry – both in the United States and internationally. Print copies of the report may be ordered through the National Academy Press (