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Sixth Meeting of the
Board on Research Data and Information
National Research Council
Preliminary Agenda
Tuesday, January 31, 2012 

Meeting of the Board on Research Data and Information
Keck Center, Room 100, National Academy of Sciences
500 Fifth Street NW, Washington, DC
Open Session
08:00         Continental breakfast in meeting room
08:30         A. Welcoming remarks by Board Co-chairs
                    Fran Berman and Clifford Lynch
                     1. Introductions
                     2. Agenda review
08:50         B. Director’s report
                    Paul Uhlir
                     1. Purpose and organization of the Board and the US National Committee for CODATA, and overview of recent and ongoing projects
                     2. Status of action items from last meeting
                      - General discussion
09:20         C. Opening remarks on international activities
                    Bonnie Carroll, US National Delegate to CODATA
                     1. Goals and agenda review for USNC/CODATA projects
09:30         D. Review of international CODATA activities and plans - example agenda
                    Session Chair: Bonnie Carroll
                      - Bob Chen, CODATA Secretary General, and Sara Graves, CODATA Executive Committee
                     1. IntroReport on CODATA activities and plans
                          a. Revision of CODATA Strategic Plan
                          b. Background on CODATA Task Groups, Materials Renewal Application, Materials PPTData Citation, AIM
                          c. Plans for CODATA Conference and General Assembly in Taipei, October 2012
                          d. CODATA involvement in GEO Data Sharing Task Force/Working Group
                     ACTION: Discuss potential activities and agree on action items
                    - Kathie Bailey-Mathae, Director, Board on International Scientific Organizations
                   ACTION: Discuss potential follow-up
10:30         Break
                   Session Chair: Bonnie Carroll
                              - Kathie Bailey-Mathae and Paul Uhlir
                              FOR INFORMATION
                          2. Report on end of 2nd phase US-China Roundtable and plan for 3rd phase projects
                              - Subhash Kuvelker and Paul Uhlir
                              ACTION: Advise on plans and suggest experts
                          3. Data Attribution and Citation Practices and Standards project (with CODATA-ICSTI Task Group)
                               - Bonnie Carroll
                              ACTION: Advise on plans for international TG white paper on best practices in data citation
                          4. Potential cooperation with EC project on scientific data interoperability
                               - Paul Uhlir
                              ACTION: Advise on plans and US CODATA participation
                          5. U.S. CODATA participation in CODATA Task Groups, Materials, Data Citation, AIM, PASTD
                               - Bonnie Carroll
                              ACTION: Discuss Task Group proposals and advise of issues and members
                           6. US CODATA participation in the October 2012 CODATA Conference and in CODATA leadership
                               - Bonnie Carroll
                               ACTION: Discuss possible sessions in Conference and candidates for CODATA Officers,
                                                EC members and National Delegate to CODATA
12:15         Lunch (in meeting room)
                    F. Showing of CODATA 45th anniversary video
13:15         G. BRDI’s ongoing and planned activities at the national level
                    Session Chair: Clifford Lynch
                        1. Digital Curation Study (Summary)
                             - Margaret Hedstrom
                        2. US Forum on CODATA-WDS Cooperation
                            - Bonnie Carroll
                        3. Symposium/workshop on IPRs in Databases
                            - Michael Carroll
                        4. Data sustainability study
                            - Fran Berman
14:15         H. Discussion of external data and information policy initiatives
                    Session Chair: Clifford Lynch
                    1. OSTP RFI on data and information policy and status of the Interagency Working Group on Digital Data, Michael Stebbins, OSTP
                        - Discussion
                    2. Update on the NSB Priorities and Recommendations on Scientific Data Management, José-Marie Griffiths, Bryant University 
                             (NSF Digital Research Data Sharing and Management Prepublication)
                        - Discussion
                    3. CENDI Group, Lisa Weber, NARA
                        - Discussion
15:10         Break
15:30          I. Board roundtable discussion of key issues and potential new projects
                    Session Chair: Fran Berman
                    Session Chair: Fran Berman
                      - Presentation by BRDI staff and discussion
17:15         Adjourn and reception in first floor atrium
Closed Session
18:30    K. Working Dinner: Board on Research Data and Information: Art and Soul Restaurant, 415 New Jersey Ave NW, Washington DC
                    Balance and composition discussion -  Richard Bissell, Executive Director, NRC Policy and Global Affairs Division
Wednesday, February 1, 2012 

Meeting of the Board on Research Data and Information
Keck Center, Room 100, National Academy of Sciences
500 Fifth Street NW, Washington DC
Open Session 
8:00     Continental breakfast in meeting room 
BRDI Forum on CODATA – WDS Cooperation
8:40      L. Introductory Comments, Forum Writeup
                   -     Bob Chen, CODATA General Secretary
                   -     Bernard Minster, Chair, World Data System Science Committee
                   -     Bonnie Carroll, U.S. CODATA
9:20      M. Identification of Issues of Interest and Potential Areas for Cooperation in the U.S.
              Session Chair: Bonnie Carroll, U.S. CODATA
                  - General discussion  (responses)
               ACTION: Agree on specific objectives, people, deliverable(s), people, timeline
10:40    Break
11:00    N. International CODATA and WDS Issues and Plans for CODATA Conference in October 2012
              Session Chair: Bernard Minster, WDS
                   - General discussion   (responses)
              ACTION: Agree on topics for side meetings and sessions, and who will lead them
11:45    O.  Concluding Observations
               Bonnie Carroll
                     1.   Review of action items from meeting
                     2.   Closing remarks
12:00    Lunch in meeting room
               Thomas Lovejoy, Chair, and Thomas Hammond, Director, GEF Scientific Committee
                    - General discussion
13:00    Q. Discussion of Board Sponsor interests
               Overview of issues raised at November 29 Sponsor Forum           
                    - Session Chair: Fran Berman
            Sponsor Roundtable discussion by Board Sponsors of issues for Board consideration and follow-up:
             (participating agencies: National Science Foundation, National Institutes of Health, National Institute of Standards and Technology,
              Institute for Museum and Library Services, Library of Congress, U.S. Geological Survey, National Oceanic and Atmospheric
              Administration, and Department of Energy)
14:30         Break
            Closed Session
             - Session Chair: Clifford Lynch
15:20         S. Discussion of Sponsor interests and existing/new initiatives discussed in the meeting
16:20        T. Wrap-up
                       1.  Action items, schedule, and assignments
                       2.  Co-chairs’ closing remarks
16:30         End of meeting