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Seventh Meeting of the
Board on Research Data and Information

National Research Council

National Academy of Sciences Main Building, Room NAS 120
2101 Constitution Ave NW, Washington, DC

The public is welcome to attend the open portions of the meeting, but space is limited and advance registration is required to enter the building and participate in the event. Please contact either Paul Uhlir ( or Cheryl Levey ( on the BRDI staff for registering and additional information.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012 
Open Session
08:00         Continental breakfast in meeting room
08:45         A.  Welcoming remarks by Board Co-chairs
                          -   Fran Berman and Clifford Lynch
                              1. Introductions
                              2. Agenda review
09:00         B.  Director’s report
                          -   Paul Uhlir
                               1. Overview of recent and ongoing projects
                               2. Status of action items from last meeting
                          -   General discussion
09:15         C.  The Board’s ongoing and planned activities at the national level
                          Session Chair: Clifford Lynch
                          1. Digital Curation study
                               -   Margaret Hedstrom
                          FOR INFORMATION
                          2. US Forum on CODATA-WDS Cooperation
                               -   Bonnie Carroll
                          ACTION: Advise on next steps
09:40        D.  International activities of the Board and US CODATA
                         Session Chair: Bonnie Carroll
                        1. Data Attribution and Citation Practices and Standards project (with CODATA-ICSTI Task Group)
                             - Bonnie Carroll
                        ACTION: For information (next steps discussed in August 30)
                        2. Workshop on Data Intensive Science, Shanghai, October 24-25
                             - Subhash Kuvelker and Paul Uhlir
                        ACTION: For information
                        3. Project on Commons and Semi-Commons RFAs for USAID
                             - Paul Uhlir
                        ACTION: Advise on project participants
                        4. Global Scientific Data Infrastructure
                              - Clifford Lynch
                        ACTION: Prepare for mini-symposium in the afternoon and for potential follow-on activities
10:20         Break
         E.  Discussion of external data and information policy initiatives
                         Session Chair: Clifford Lynch, CNI
                             Rob Ross, Argonne National Laboratory
                              - Discussion
                        2. CENDI Group, Lisa Weber, NARA
                             -   Discussion
                        3. International data management and policy issues in Earth observations
                              Peter Colohan, Office of Science and Technology Policy
                               - Discussion
11:50         Lunch (in meeting room)
                    F. Showcase of a BRDI member's work
                         - A Strategy for Dynamically Adaptive Weather Prediction: Cyberinfrastructure Reacting to the Atmosphere
                           Kelvin Droegemeier, University of Oklahoma

12:45         G.  Board Sponsor Roundtable “big data” research issues and other interests
                         Session Chair: Fran Berman, RPI
                          - Opening presentation on the federal Big Data initiative, Suzy Iacono, NSF, co-chair of the Big Data Senior Steering Group
14:30         Break
15:00         H.  Symposium on Global Scientific Data Infrastructure (in the NAS Lecture Room)
                         Session Chairs: Clifford Lynch and Fran Berman
17:45         Adjourn and reception in Lecture Room alcove 
Closed Session
19:00         I.  Working Dinner—Primi Piatti Restaurant, 2013 "I" (eye) Street, NW, Washington, DC
                         -   Discussion of results of the first day and preparation for the second day 

Thursday, August 30, 2012 
Closed Session 
8:00     Continental breakfast in meeting room 
8:30      J.  Introductory Comments by Board Chairs
                    -   Fran Berman and Clifford Lynch
8:50      K.  Planning of Board Activities
                    Session Chair:  Fran Berman, RPI
                       - General discussion of Board member proposals
10:45    Break
11:00    L.  Planning of Board Activities (continued)
                    Session chair: Clifford Lynch, CNI
12:00    M.  Discussion of the Draft BRDI Dissemination Plan
                        Led by Cheryl Levey
12:20    Lunch in meeting room
Open Session
13:15    N.  Review of international CODATA activities and plans
                    Session Chair: U.S. National Delegate to CODATA, Bonnie Carroll
                 1. Report on CODATA activities and plans
                      - Bob Chen, CODATA Secretary General, and Sara Graves, CODATA Executive Committee
                          a. Revision of CODATA Strategic Plan
                          b. Plans for CODATA Conference and General Assembly (G.A.) in Taipei, October 2012  (conference website)
                          d. Proposed CODATA Constitution changes
                                 Constitutional Membership Issues, Draft CODATA Membership Strategy,   
                                 Emai regarding Reserve Fund AmendmentReserve Fund Proposed Amendment to CODATA Constituton
                          e. Other action items from CODATA EC meeting in March 
                          f. CODATA involvement in GEO Data Sharing Task Force/Working Group
                          g. Review of CODATA by ICSU
                          h. Other issues
                   ACTION: Discuss potential activities and agree on any actions for CODATA G.A.
14:45          2. Review of CODATA Task Groups
                         -   Discussion led by Bonnie Carroll
                     ACTION: Provide guidance to U.S. National Delegate on which Task Groups to support
15:15    O.   US CODATA bid to host 2014 international CODATA Conference and Data Summit
                          - Discussion led by Bonnie Carroll
                     ACTION: Approve US CODATA/BRDI bid
15:45    P.  Wrap-up by Board Co-Chairs
                     1.  Action items, schedule, and assignments
                     2.  Co-chairs’ closing remarks
16:00         End of meeting