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Eighth Meeting of the Board on Research Data and Information
National Academy of Sciences Main Building, Room NAS 125
2101 Constitution Ave NW, Washington, DC
Tuesday, February 26, 2013 
Closed Session
08:00         Continental breakfast in meeting room   
08:45         A.  Welcoming remarks by Board Co-chairs
                      - Fran Berman, RPI, and Clifford Lynch, CNI
09:00         B.  Board Sponsors’ Roundtable
                   Session Chair: Fran Berman
            ,            - NSF, NIST, DOE, NIH, IMLS, LC, NOAA, USGS              
10:10         Break
10:30         Board Sponsors’ Roundtable (continued)
                   Session Chair: Fran Berman
                   1. Discussion of planned Board activities and key interests of sponsors
11:40         2. General discussion
                  End of Closed Session
12:10         Lunch (in meeting room)
Open Session
                   Afternoon Session
                   Session Chair: Clifford Lynch, CNI
12:30        C. Showcase of a BRDI member’s work – Alexa McCray, Harvard Medical School:
13:00         D. Board Director’s Report
                   - Paul Uhlir
                  1. Overview of recently completed and ongoing projects
                  2. Action items from last meeting
                      - General discussion
13:20         E.  Discussion with Publishers’ Representatives
                        - Discussion
                   2. Stewart Wills, Science
                        - Discussion
                   3. Anita deWaard, Elsevier Research Data Collaborations
                        - Discussion
14:40         Break
                    (in the NAS Auditorium)
                   Session Chairs: Clifford Lynch, CNI, and Fran Berman, RPI
                   [separate meeting description and agenda]
17:30         Adjourn and reception in Lecture Room alcove
Closed Session
18:45         G.  Working Dinner—Primi Piatti Restaurant, 2013 I (eye) Street NW
                      - Discussion of results of the first day and preparation for the second day            

Wednesday, February 27, 2013 

Closed Session 
8:00     Continental breakfast in meeting room 
8:45      H.  Introductory Comments by Board Chairs
               -     Fran Berman and Clifford Lynch
9:00      I.  Planning of Board Activities
                   Session Chair:  Fran Berman, RPI
                 National Projects
                 1 - Public Access to Federally-Funded R&D Data and Publications, Paul Uhlir
                 2 - Building a Biomedical Knowledge Network, Stephen Friend
                 3 - Future Career Opportunities and Educational Requirements for Digital Curation, Margaret Hedstrom
                 4 - BRDI Competition and Prize, Phil Bourne
                 5 - Sustainability Strategies for Publicly Funded Research Data, Fran Berman
                 6 - Research Knowledge Management for the Progress of Science, Ann Wolpert
                 7 - Sharing Data with Privacy Restrictions, Clifford Lynch
             8 - Accessing Proprietary Data for the National Interest, Alan Title
                              - General discussion of proposals
10:45    Break
11:00     I.  Planning of Board Activities (continued)
               Session chair: Clifford Lynch, CNI
                 International Projects
                 9 - Data Citation Standards and Practices, Bonnie Carroll
               10 - Legal Interoperability of Research Data, Michael Carroll
               11 - Strategies for Sharing Earth Observations Data in China, Paul Uhlir
                        - General discussion of proposals
11:45    J. U.S. National Committee for CODATA relationship to BRDI
               1 - Laura Bartolo, U.S. National Delegate to CODATA
               2-  Kathie Bailey-Mathae, Director, NRC Board on International Scientific Organizations
12:30    Lunch in meeting room
              End of Closed Session
Open Session
13:15         K. Review of international CODATA activities and plans
                   Session Chair: Laura Bartolo, U.S. National Delegate to CODATA
                   1. Report on CODATA activities and plans
                   - Sara Graves, CODATA Secretary General, and Bonnie Carroll, CODATA EC Member
                          Report from 2012 General Assembly
                          Considerations for the U.S. and discussion
                 - Report from closed morning session and discussion led by Laura Bartolo
14:30       M. The Role of Stakeholder Communities in International Research Data Organizations
                 Chair: Clifford Lynch, CNI
                 1. The ICSU World Data System 
                       - Francoise Genova, WDS Science Committee
                 2. Research Data Alliance
                     - Fran Berman, Council Member
                 3. CODATA Activities and Plans
                     - Sara Graves, CODATA Secretary General
                            - General Discussion
15:30         N.  Wrap-up by Board Co-Chairs
                    1.  Action items, schedule, and assignments
                    2.  Co-chairs’ closing remarks
15:45         End of meeting