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9th Meeting of the Board on Research Data and Information
National Academy of Sciences Main Building, Room NAS 125
2101 Constitution Ave NW, Washington, DC
Members Agenda
Monday, September 23, 2013 
Open Session
08:00         Continental breakfast in meeting room
08:45         A.  Welcoming remarks by Board Co-chairs
                      - Fran Berman, RPI, and Clifford Lynch, CNI
                      (This meeting agenda, Current Board Member Roster)
                 Morning Session Chair: Fran Berman
09:00         B. Board Director’s Report
                      - Paul Uhlir
                      1. Overview of recently completed and ongoing projects
                      2. Action items from last meeting
                     - Peter Colohan and Tim Stryker, OSTP
                         - Discussion
                      - Fran Berman
                       (Berman/Cerf article "Who Will Pay for Public Access to Research Data?")
                         - Discussion
10:00         E. BRDI Data and Information Challenge
                       - Phil Bourne, UCSD
10:10         F. Improving Access to Federally Funded Research Data and Information
                       - Michael Stebbins, OSTP
                          - Discussion
10:30         Break
10:50         G. Strategy for Research Priorities in Data-Intensive Science – Discussion with ESIP
                      Moderator: Keith Clarke, UC, Santa Barbara
                       - Carol Meyers, Earth Science Information Partnership (ESIP) Federation, and Anne Wilson, U. CO 
                          - Discussion
                     - Micah Altman, MIT
                        - Discussion
                        Out of Cite Report Release Announcement
                      - Bonnie Carroll, IIa
12:00         Lunch (in meeting room)
                 Afternoon Session
                 Session Chair: Clifford Lynch, CNI
                     - Jerry Sheehan, Co-chair, CENDI
13:00         K. Federal Government Sponsor Roundtable
                      - Discussion with Board sponsor representatives from NSF, NIST, DOE, NIH, USGS, IMLS, LC      
                           Laura Biven, DOE
                           John Henry Scott, NIST
                           Jerry Sheehan, NLM/NIH
14:35         Break
15:00         L.  Symposium on Privacy in a Big Data World (in the NAS Lecture Room)
                 Session Chairs: Clifford Lynch, CNI, and Henry Brady, UC Berkeley
17:30         Adjourn and reception in Lecture Room alcove
Closed Session
18:50         Working Dinner—Restaurant Ris, 2275 L Street NW, Washington, DC
                      - Discussion of results of the first day and preparation for the second day            
Tuesday, September 24, 2013 
Closed Session 
8:00     Continental breakfast in meeting room 
8:45      M. Planning of Board Activities
                - Introductory Comments by Board Chairs
                    Session Chair: Laura Bartolo, U.S. National Delegate to CODATA
                     - Simon Hodson, CODATA Executive Director
9:30      O. Status Reports and Discussion of Ongoing and Planned Projects
                 Session Chair: Fran Berman, RPI
                 1 - BRDI Data and Information Challenge, Alexa McCray
                      ACTION: Discuss and approve final project description and advise on dissemination
                 2 - Legal Interoperability of Research Data, Paul Uhlir
                       ACTION: Discuss and approve project description and advise on funders and participants
                 3 - Strategies for Sharing Earth Observations Data in China, Mark Brender
                       ACTION: Advise on funders and participants
                 4 - Strategies for Economic Sustainability of Publicly Funded Research Data, /  Agenda, Fran Berman
                       ACTION: Discuss and advise on revised project plan
                 5 - Grand Challenges in Scholarly Communication, Paul Uhlir
                       ACTION: Discuss and advise on revised project plan and funders
                 6 - Strategy for Research Priorities in Data-Intensive Science, Keith Clarke
                       ACTION: Discuss and advise on planning workshop and funders
                 7 - Building a Biomedical Knowledge Network,, Paul Uhlir
                       ACTION: Advise on potential funders
                      ACTION: Advise on project plan and funders
                 9 - Future Career Opportunities and Educational Requirements for Digital Curation, Subhash Kuvelker
                      FOR INFORMATION
               10 - Data Citation Practices and Standards Project, Bonnie Carroll
                         Out of Cite Report Release Announcement
                         CODATA Data Science Journal
                       FOR INFORMATION
11:10    Break
11:20    P. Other Related Developments
                  Session Chair: Clifford Lynch, CNI
                      - Discussion
                      - Discussion
                      - Discussion
12:40     Lunch in meeting room
               End of Closed Session
Open Session
13:15         S. Highlight of a Board Member’s Work:
                         Elliot Maxwell
13:45         T. Possible CODATA Actions for BRDI
                         - Sara Graves, CODATA Secretary General, and Bonnie Carroll, CODATA EC Member
                               - Discussion
14:20         U. Report on Results of Second RDA Plenary Meeting
                        Session Chair: Clifford Lynch, CNI
                           Fran Berman, Council Member
                                - Discussion
14:40         V. Discussion with Director of the NRC Board on Life Sciences
                          - Fran Sharples, BLS Director
15:00         W. Wrap-up by Board Co-Chairs
                         1.  Action items, schedule, and assignments
                         2.  Co-chairs’ closing remarks
15:15         End of meeting