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Post-Cold War U. S. Nuclear Strategy:
A Search for Technical and Policy Common Ground

August 11, 2004

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1. Bruce Alberts and John Holdren

Morning Keynote Speeches:
2. Introduction: Susan Eisenhower
3. William Perry
4. William Perry Q&A
5. Rep. David Hobson
6. Rep. David Hobson Q&A

Panel I: Technical Challenges for U.S. Nuclear Weapons Policy
7. Introduction: W.K.H. Panofsky
8. Sidney Drell
9. Paul Robinson
10. Panel I Q&A

Midday Keynote Speech:
11. Introduction: Susan Eisenhower
12. Linton Brooks
13. Linton Brooks Q&A

Panel II: Advanced Concepts, Stockpile Stewardship, and Testing
14. Introduction: Richard Garwin
15. Jonathan Medalia
16. Victor Reis
17. Michael Levi
18. John Harvey
19. Panel II Q&A

Panel III: Choices for U.S. Nuclear Weapons Policy
20. Introduction: Catherine Keller
21. Eugene Habiger
22. David Mosher
23. Ronald Lehman
24. Panel III Q&A

25. John Holdren