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2015 Committee Meeting
Beckman Center
Irvine, CA

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2014 Committee Meeting
Keck Center
Washington, DC

2014 Committee Meeting
Beckman Center
Irvine, CA

Seeking Solutions: Maximizing American Talent by Advancing Women of Color in Academia - Summary of a Conference Report Dissemination Event
NAS 125

2101 Constitution Ave, NW, Washington, DC 20418
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Briefing of New National Academies Report: Gender Differences at Critical Transitions in the Careers of Science, Engineering, and Mathematics Faculty
June 2, 2009 | Keck Center, Washington, DC


It is a Congressionally Mandated Report on Career Differences between Male and Female Faculty in Six Disciplines – biology, chemistry, civil engineering, electrical engineering, mathematics, and physics.

  • The findings are from Survey Data collected in 2004-2005 from Faculty and Departments on Critical Transitions for Tenure–Track and Tenured Faculty including hiring, promotion, tenure and institutional resource allocation.
  • The report provides a Snapshot of the Status of Female Faculty at Top Research Universities and clarifies to what extent male and female faculty have similar experiences and opportunities.


Ralph J. Cicerone, President, National Academy of Sciences
Claude Canizares, Co-Chair, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Sally Shaywitz, Co-Chair, Yale University School of Medicine



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