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Committee on Women in Science, Engineering, and Medicine
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November 10, 2017
Washington, DC

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November 9-10, 2017
Washington, DC

Celebrating Women in Science and Recognizing L’ORÉAL USA Women in Science Fellows
November 9, 2017
Washington, DC

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CWSEM Workshop 0524

Workshop on Sexual Harassment in Academia, Business/Industry, and the Health Care Professions

May 24-25, 2016

The National Academies' Beckman Center

Irvine, California


 Sexual harassment in academia can have a large impact on the progression of women in science and engineering. Since the beginning of 2015, incidents involving high-profile male university professors, such as astronomer Geoffrey Marcy at the University of California Berkeley and molecular biologist Jason Lieb at the University of Chicago, have elevated concerns that sexual harassment is a serious problem in science. As more complaints are brought to the forefront, anecdotal accounts, surveys, and studies assert that broad university policies do not protect victims as much as they protect the reputation and professional standing of assailants. Media coverage regarding these issues has also caught Congressional attention. The past year’s revelations have called for the need to closely examine sexual harassment in academia, particularly harassment experienced by women in scientific fields of study. 


May 24, 2016

1:00-1:15                          Welcome and Introductions

                                           Welcome from Committee Chair, Rita Colwell
1:15-1:35                          Laura Faer, Chief Attorney, Department of Education Civil Rights Office
                                           San Francisco, CA

1:35-1:55                          Christopher Krebs, Senior Research Social Scientist at RTI International

1:55-2:15                          Lilia Cortina, Professor of Psychology and Women's Studies, University of Michigan (10 min)
                                           Vicki Magley, Professor of Psychology, University of Connecticut (10 min)

2:15 -3:00                         Discussion


Panel I: Challenges for Academic Institutions

3:15-3:35                        Kathryn (Kate) Clancy, Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

4:15-4:35                        Gilda Barabino, Dean of Engineering at City College of New York

4:35-5:00                        Discussion

Panel II: Challenges for Business and Industry 

5:00-5:20                        Telle Whitney, CEO and President of the Anita Borg Institute for Women and Technology

5:20-5:35                        Discussion

5:35-6:15                       General Discussion and Closing Comments for the day

6:15-7:00                       Reception

7:00-8:00                       Dinner
                                        Speaker:  Gail Wyatt, Professor of Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Science, and Director of Sexual Health Program, UCLA

May 25, 2016


Panel III. Health Care Professions and Funding Agencies

8:30-8:50                      Phyllis L. Carr, Massachusetts General Hospital 

8:50-9:10                      Patricia Recupero, Butler Hospital

9:10-9:30                      Brent B. Stanfield, Acting Deputy Director, Office of Extramural Research, Office of the Director, National Institutes of Health

9:30-10:00                    Discussion


Panel IV. Challenges to Remedying Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

10:15-10:35                  Christopher Uggen, Professor, University of Minnesota

10:35-10:55                  Anita Levy, Senior Program Officer, American Association of University Professors

10:55-11:15                  Yesenia M. Gallegos, Partner, Fox Rothschild LLP

11:15-12:00                  General Discussion and Future Directions

                                        Closing Remarks from Committee Chair, Rita Colwell

12:00-1:00                    Working Lunch

1:00-2:00                      Group Brainstorming on Next Steps: Planning for a Consensus Study

2:00                               Adjourn