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The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine
Government-University-Industry Research Roundtable
Government-University-Industry Research Roundtable
Policy and Global Affairs
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GUIRR Webinar: Approaches to Climate Intervention
1:00 pm EST.
This webinar will cover two reports, therefore this webinar will be 90 minutes

Our next meeting will be held October 20-21, 2015.

Our last meeting
Unmanned Aircraft Systems: Use & Regulation, was held on June 23-24, 2015. 

GUIRR Council Members     (Biographies)

Dr. Jacques Gansler, Co-Chair [NAE]
Professor and Roger C. Lipitz Chair in Public Policy and Private Enterprise, School of Public Policy
University of Maryland

Dr. Gordon England, Co-Chair [NAE]
V1 Analytical Solutions Inc.

Dr. Susan Butts
Senior Director [retired]
External Science and Technology Program
Dow Chemical Company

Dr. Curtis Carlson
Vice Chairman for Innovation
SRI International

Dr. Ralph Cicerone [NAS]
National Academy of Sciences (ex officio)

Dr. Francis S. Collins [NAS, IOM]
National Institutes of Health (ex officio)

Dr. France Cόrdova
National Science Foundation (ex officio)

Dr. Mikael Dolsten
Worldwide Research and Development 

Dr. Victor Dzau [IOM]
Institute of Medicine (ex officio)

Dr. John Holdren [NAS/NAE]
Office of Science and Technology Policy
Executive Office of the President (ex officio) 

Dr. Keith Holtermann 
Director, National Training, Education, and Exercises Division
Federal Emergency Management Agency
U.S. Department of Homeland Security (ex officio)

Dr. Linda Katehi [NAE]
University of California at Davis

Dr. Ralph Kuncl
University of Redlands

Ms. Gina McCarthy
Environmental Protection Agency (ex officio)

Dr. C.D. (Dan) Mote, Jr. [NAE]
National Academy of Engineering (ex officio)

Dr. Franklin “Lynn” Orr
Under Secretary for Science and Energy
U.S. Department of Energy (ex officio)

Dr. Stephen Ostroff
Acting Chief Scientist
U.S. Food and Drug Administration (ex officio)

Dr. Steven M. Paul [IOM]
Director, Helen and Robert Appel Alzheimer's Research Institute
Weill Cornell Medical College of Cornell University

Dr. Timothy Persons
Chief Scientist
Government Accountability Office

Dr. Luis M. Proenza
President Emeritus
University of Akron

Mr. David Spencer
Chairman and CTO
wTe Corporation

Dr. Richard Spinrad
Chief Scientist
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (ex officio)

Dr. Ellen Stofan
Chief Scientist
National Aeronautics and Space Administration (ex officio)

Dr. Catherine Woteki [IOM]
Under Secretary for Research, Education, and Economics
Chief Scientist
United States Department of Agriculture (ex officio)
National Institute of Standards and Technology (ex officio)

Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition,
Technology and Logistics
U.S. Department of Defense (ex officio)