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Government-University-Industry Research Roundtable
Government-University-Industry Research Roundtable
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May 30, 2018
Connecting Research to Policy: The Broadband Research Initiative at the Pew Charitable Trusts

June 12-13, 2018
Strategies for Engagement of Non-Traditional Partners in the Research Enterprise


“Global Energy Policy Solutions”


Government-University-Industry Research Roundtable Meeting

February 19, 2007

The National Academies
Rm. 100 Keck
500 Fifth St. NW,
Washington, DC   20001

7:30–8:00 Continental Breakfast

8:00–8:15 Welcome: GUIRR Co-Chair Lydia Thomas, CEO, Mitretek


8:15–8:35 Summary Update of Data Overload, Partnerships for Emerging Research Institutions, and GUIRR S&E Workforce activities 

Lydia Thomas, CEO, Mitretek

In an effort to minimize time spent on project updates, these projects’ activities since October will be summarized by the GUIRR co-chair, with more extensive updates to occur at the next meeting of GUIRR.

8:35–8:45 Q&A between Membership and Working Group Leaders

Data Overload:  Tilak Agerwala
S&E Workforce:  George Reynolds, Patrick Antony, and Kelly Sullivan
Partnerships for Emerging Research Institutions:  Vijaya Melnick and Nancy Wray
Federal Demonstration Partnership:   Nancy Wray

8:45–9:00 Overview of the Workshop, “Enhancing Innovation and Competitiveness Through Investments in Fundamental Research”

Mark Wrighton, Chancellor, Washington University in St. Louis

In early December 2006, a workshop co-chaired by GUIRR members Mark Wrighton and Joe Miller took on the task of articulating industry needs for university research, and the university’s ability to respond to those needs.  Because the conclusions of this workshop tie in extremely well with the activities of the new GUIRR spin-off, the UIDP, we have asked Chancellor Wrighton to summarize the workshop and its findings. 

9:00-9:15 University-Industry Demonstration Partnership (UIDP)

GUIRR volunteers:  Bob Killoren, President of the UIDP (and new ex-officio member of GUIRR)

Bob Killoren, Associate Vice President of Resarch, Ohio State (UIDP President) and Susan Butts, Senior Director External Research & Technology Programs, Dow Chemical Company (UIDP Vice President)

The first meeting of the UIDP took place on December 13, 2006.  This update serves as a “check-up” on the health and progress of GUIRR’s newest spinoff.

9:15–9:25 DISCUSSION on the health of industry-university collaborations (prior 2 presentations)

9:25–9:40 BREAK


9:40–10:10 Global Energy Needs and Policies

Karen Harbert, Assistant Secretary for Policy and International Affairs, Department of Energy

The Honorable Karen Harbert will frame the challenges faced by emerging nations and the U.S. with respect to energy supply, and outline the approaches undertaken by the U.S. Department of Energy to encourage both global energy security and environmental stewardship.

10:10–10:20 DISCUSSION

10:20–10:50 CANCELLED -- China’s Energy Policy -- CANCELLED

Mark Levine, Group Leader, China Energy Group, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory

After years of inefficient energy use, China instituted unprecedented energy policy reforms to reduce energy intensity starting in 1980.  The result –  energy growth half as fast as GDP from 1980 to 2000 – stands in sharp contrast to energy demand growing fasted than GDP in almost all other developing countries.  However, starting in 2001 the situation in China has reversed, with energy growth outstripping GDP.  Dr. Levine discusses the factors underlying the both periods of energy demand growth and the future of energy demand in China.

10:50–11:00 DISCUSSION

11:00–11:30 Growing Energy

Richard Hamilton, Chief Executive Officer, Ceres

In this presentation, Dr. Hamilton gives an overview of the use of plant feedstocks, and specifically dedicated energy crops, for the production of biofuels such as ethanol.

11:30–11:40 DISCUSSION


Energy Trends and Technologies for the Coming Decades
Steve Koonin, Chief Scientist, BP

The world's demand for energy will grow by some 60% in the next 25 years. Satisfying that demand in an economical and environmentally acceptable manner is one of the most significant challenges facing society. New technologies will play a central role in meeting this challenge, albeit conditioned by the economic, social, and political contexts in which they are developed and deployed. The presentation will focus on the major forces shaping the World's energy future and the technologies required to respond to them.

1:00–2:40 Break-Out Groups

Each GUIRR member will be preassigned to one of the four breakout groups below:

What is the current role, and the desired role, of DOE in setting national energy policy

TEAM 1A – BLUE DOTS – Room 201:
Kelly Sullivan, Chair
Linda Blevins, content expert

TEAM 1B – ORANGE DOTS – Room 202:
Tilak Agerwala, Chair
Doug Chapin, content expert

2. What does the public currently know about energy issues?  What does the scientific community feel the public ought to know?  How can the scientific community best transmit this information to the public?

TEAM 2 – GREEN DOTS – Room 203:
 Will Rees, Chair
 Jim Decker, content expert #1 (energy)
 Katy Delaney, content expert #2 (media)

3. What roles are being taken on by the states, and should be taken on by the states, with respect to energy security?

TEAM 3 – YELLOW DOTS – Room 204:
Beth Burnside, Chair
Gary Marfin, content expert

4. What relationships should be forged between entities responsible for environment and those responsible for energy; how is this best accomplished at the campus level, the state/regional level, and the national level?  What are some issues that require this convergence to occur, before they can be resolved?

 TEAM 4– PURPLE DOTS – Room 205:
 Eva Pell, Chair
 Jim Fischer, content expert 

2:40–3:00 Report-Out of Break-out Groups and GUIRR Next Steps.

3:00  Adjourn