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Forum on Information Technology and Research Universities

The Forum on Information Technology and Research Universities was a project of the National Academies’ Policy and Global Affairs Division. The Forum was launched in November 2002, completed its three year program of activities in September 2005, and was formally disbanded in June 2006.

The Fall 2005 edition of Issues in Science and Technology featured several articles by Forum members and other experts, and serves as the project’s primary written output. Here are links to the articles:
The centerpiece of the Preparing for the Revolution project was a workshop held in January 2001. The proceedings of the workshop were aired on the Research Channel.
We are working to develop program ideas that build on the Forum’s work. In the meantime, we will leave this page up as a record of the Forum’s activities and those of its predecessor project, Preparing for the Revolution.

If you have questions about the Forum, please contact:

Tom Arrison
Senior Staff Officer
The National Academies
Keck 562
500 Fifth Street, NW
Washington, DC 20001
Tel: 202.334-3755