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Government-University-Industry Research Roundtable
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International News


Science Would Like Some Rules For Genome Editing, Please
Wired - October 6, 2015

The Innovation Game
Economist - September 17, 2015

New era of university-industry collaboration launched
University World News - July 11, 2015

University of Washington and Chinese University Unite to Form Technology Institute
The New York Times - June18, 2015

An Array of Problems - Headquarters of the Square Kilometre Array
Nature - March 10, 2015

Indian Science at the Crossroads

Chemistry World - February 12, 2015

Restrictions on Collaboration are "Hindering" International Research
University World News - January 9, 2015


Brazil Becomes an International Hub for Research & Development

Financial Times - December 2, 2014

A Shared Global Agenda to Fight Alzheimer's Disease
Globe News Wire - November 12, 2014

This Chinese City is Becoming the Silicon Valley of Hardware
Huffington Post - November 6, 2014

Joint Center for Energy Research Promotes US-China Collaboration
Penn State News - October 21, 2014

New International Research Collaboration will Assess Impact of Rio 2016
Inside the Games - October 18, 2014

Analysis of 1.25 Million Scientific Articles Finds International Collaboration Can Increase Impact
University of Florida News - October 8, 2014

US, India to Collaborate on Earth, Mars Missions
NASA JPL - September 30, 2014

Demystifying Central Government R&D Spending in China
Science - August 29, 2014

New Tech Transfer Center Aims to Boost Economic Development in Ghana
Tech Transfer Central - August 27, 2014

WTO nixes China rare earth bid
China Daily USA - August 8, 2014

International Science and Technology Cooperation Act of 2014 - July 14, 2014

Ireland opens a centralized technology transfer office
Tech Transfer eNews Blog - June 3, 2014

Drug Test: The battle over Britain's AstraZeneca has lessons for France and America as well
The Economist - May 10, 2014

US, EU Drop in Science Research and Innovation While China and Other Developing Nations Rise
International Business Times - April 11, 2014

Neurobiotech launched at European Parliment: The start of an International Research and Innovation Community on Neuroscience - April 10, 2014

EU criticised for failure to transfer technology
SciDevNet - April 9, 2014

Otsuka and The Union Announce Global TB Research & Innovation Award
The Union- March 19, 2014

Supply Ship Departs Space Station After 5 Weeks
New York Times - February 18, 2014

Researchers Resist Pressure to Show Impact of Their Work
The Chronicle of Higher Education - February 9, 2014


An American Shutdown Reaches the World's End

New York Times - October 14, 2013

New agreement strengthens U.S., U.K. research collaboration

R&D Magazine - September 6, 2013

E.U. Leaders Agree on Science Budget
Science Insider - June 27, 2013

Collaborations: The fourth age of research
Nature - May 29, 2013

Europe's Science Superwoman Struggles to Get Off the Ground
Science - March 8, 2013

Tips for Successful International Collaborations
Science Careers - February 15, 2013 


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