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Energy & Environment News

Keystone Pipeline Bill Heads to Obama, Veto Expected
CNN - February 12, 2015

Elite Science Panel Calls on US to Study Climate Modification

Washington Post - February 10, 2015

Building the Infrastructure for a Brighter Energy Future

The Hill - January 12, 2015

US Senate Approves New DOE Science Undersecretary

Science Insider - December 4, 2014

Good News on Energy

New York Times - November 23, 2014

EU Strikes Compromise to Set New Climate Target

News Daily - October 24, 2014

Giant Energy Storage Project Aims at Renewable Energy's Holy Grail

Renewable Energy World - October 15, 2014

Brazil Authorizes Operation of 373.3-MW Santo Antonio do Jari Hydro Project

Renewable Energy World - September 29, 2014

Grain Piles Up, Waiting for a Ride, as Trains Move North Dakota Oil

New York Times - August, 25, 2014

West's Historic Drought Strokes Fears of Water Crisis
Washington Post - August 17, 2014

Climate-change investment should focus on retiring coal
Environmental Research Web - July 23, 2014

"Game Changers" explores a cheaper, cleaner, and more secure national energy system

MIT News - June 19, 2014

Ohio Town Rejects Fracking Ban -- For the Third Time

Forbes - May 7, 2014

Climate Efforts Falling Short, UN Panel Says
New York Times - April 13, 2014

UK Probes Whether Strange, Wet Winter Is Part of a Changing Climate
Scientific American - February 13, 2014

Huge Thermal Plant Opens as Solar Industry Grows
Associated Press - February 13, 2014

Japan's Nuclear Regulator Raps Fukushima Operator over Radiation Readings
Scientific American - February 12, 2014

World’s 37 Most Water-Stressed Countries
World Resources Institute - December 12, 2013


Explaining the Global Warming Hiatus
New Republic - June 18, 2013

Farm Subsidies Leading to More Water Use
New York Times - June 6, 2013

A Drone's-Eye View of Nature
New York Times - May 6, 2013

Can Small Reactors Ignite a Nuclear Renaissance?
MIT Technology Review - March 28, 2013

Department of Energy Unveils 'Energy 101' Framework
Environmental and Energy Study Institute - March 12, 2013

Crowdfunding Clean Energy
New York Times - March 6, 2013

The Conundrum at the Heart of Sustainability
The Guardian - March 1, 2013