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Christine Mirzayan Science & Technology Policy Graduate Fellowship Program
Christine Mirzayan Science & Technology Policy Graduate Fellowship Program
Policy and Global Affairs
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Christine Mirzayan Science & Technology Policy Graduate Fellowship Program
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Washington, DC 20001
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What They Say, Summer 2005 Fellows

“Don’t do what I did! I read through the bios of former and current fellows and thought that I was going to be left behind in the dust. When you see names like Harvard and Yale and UC San Francisco, you tend to think brilliant people go there. While that is certainly true, it doesn’t indicate anything about your abilities if you don’t attend these institutions, nor does it indicate anything about your potential to perform at The National Academies.”

“Just ten weeks in the science and technology policy world in D.C. substantially broadened my perspective on how I can use my engineering background to positively impact our society. I return to graduate school recharged about the value of advanced education, and more confident about my decisions to pursue studies that blend the boundaries of engineering and the humanities. I feel like I have much new knowledge and understanding to share with my fellow graduate students as well as my professors. No matter what field of study you are pursuing, there is no reason not to apply for a policy fellowship. By seeing the connections between your academic field and the public policy arena, you will find many new opportunities for future studies or careers. You will be enriched as a person, as a public citizen, and as a member of an academic community.”

“This is the best fellowship you could possibly be a part of if you are interested in science policy. I have done several internships, and I have never been challenged as much as I have been at the Academies.“

“Make sure to take advantage of all of the great opportunities here in Washington. Definitely don’t limit yourself to going to events and talking to people here at the academies!”

“No job that I had before the fellowship paid me for doing something that I enjoyed. The fellowship program offered that to me and gave me the chance to make long-term professional contacts which will likely help me as I pursue my passion en route to my “dream job”. “

“This fellowship has been both a great academic and professional experience. Not only was my work here engaging and challenging but the work environment was fantastic!”

“This Fellowship is a fantastic opportunity to be exposed to a wide spectrum of fields and careers that are largely ignored in many science and engineering academic programs. In a short period of time, you will learn an incredible amount about Washington, D.C. and the policy world.”

“This is a great program. Take full advantage of the ability to get up on the hill and learn what is going on. Attend hearings. Attend other seminars. Go on tours. Etc. Realize that the name of the Academies carries a lot of weight. When you say you are with the academies, people will want to talk to you. Use this to your advantage. Find an apartment close to a metro station. Enjoy what both the academies and D.C. have to offer (both professionally and personally).”

“When I first heard about this fellowship I thought to myself “That sounds like the perfect way to get my feet wet in DC and see if it’s for me.” I am so glad that I did. This fellowship provided me with many opportunities to meet people working in my field and to learn about others. I was able to experience firsthand how academia influences policy action nationally in globally. This was a superb opportunity for me and I am honored to have participated with such a fine group of fellows and NAS staff. Thank you.”

“If you’re interested in science outside the research lab, this program is a great way to get some experience and learn about possible careers you never knew existed. The scope of the Academies is so broad that there’s bound to be a division of interest to you, from policy to communications to outreach. It’s also inspiring (and reassuring) to find so many people who are dedicated to using science to make a real difference in the world outside academics.”

“Even for a self-proclaimed policy newbie like myself, I found that this summer was exciting and very valuable. They take very good care of the fellows here and the only photocopying that you will be doing is for yourself. A fellowship program where you won’t need to exaggerate your duties on your resume. From day one you will have opportunities and access that are very valuable. The Academies will open lots of doors in DC for you but it is up to you to walk through them.”

“If policy gets you excited and you want a ten week trial period, this program is a great place to come. Not only do you get to work on interesting projects, but you also have the freedom and latitude to explore your interests and see all that DC has to offer.”

“The overall experience is wonderful and provides a lot of insight on what it would be like to work in DC.  I recommend living in Chinatown!”