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Board on Science, Technology, and Economic Policy
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Innovation Policy Forum
U.S. India Roundtable on Manufacturing Innovation
2101 Constitution Ave NW
Room 120
Washington, DC
September 9, 2015
For more information, contact Natacha Montgomery at

The Supply Chain for Middle-Skill Jobs Committee Meeting

500 Fifth Street NW
Washington, DC
September 10, 2015

Christine Mirzayan
Science & Technology
Fellowship Program

STEP will host a Mirzayan fellow beginning January 2016. Apply today.

For more information, contact Paul Beaton at

Critical National Needs in New Technologies:
Opportunities for the Technology Innovation Program

A Symposium Organized by the
Board on Science, Technology, and Economic Policy

24 April 2008

Speakers’ Presentations

Opportunities for Cooperation
Richard Stulen, Sandia National Laboratories

A Perspective from Oak Ridge
James Roberto, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Measurement Science for Building Energy Technologies
Hunter Fanney, NIST

The New Challenges
Peter Lee, Carnegie Mellon University

The Nano Opportunity in Health: The NCI Nano Initiative
Anna Barker, National Cancer Institute

Challenges & Opportunities in Complex Networks
Thomas Bowles, Science Advisor to the Governor of New Mexico

Addressing the Research Challenge
Anthony Cugini, National Energy Technology Laboratory

Perspectives on Clean Technology
Samuel Baldwin, Department of Energy

The University Connection
Bill Bonvillian, MIT

Commercializing University Innovation: The Proof of Concept Centers
Christine Gulbranson, The Kauffman Foundation

Innovative Partnerships for Nanotechnologies
Robert Rung, Oregon Nanoscience and Microtechnologies Institute

Keeping the Infrastructure Alive
Kevin Womack, Utah State University

Sustainable Water Infrastructure
Peter Shanaghan, Environmental Protection Agency

Cleaning Polluted Groundwater: The Nano Option
Michael Wong, Rice University

Driving Innovation for the Environment
David Widawsky, US Environmental Protection Agency

Converting Fundamental Knowledge to Infrastructure Reliability
Clem Hiel, Composite Support and Solutions Inc.

Accelerating Manufacturing
Surendra Chawla, Goodyear

Fuel Cells: Present & Future
William Ernst, Plug Power