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Committee on Management of University Intellectual Property: Lessons from a Generation of Experience, Research, and Dialogue

Management of University Intellectual Property:
From Concept to Application: Managing the Transfer of Academic Research Results
November 20, 2008 - November 21, 2008
Keck Center
2100 C Street, NW
Washington D.C.

November 20, 2008

Session 1: Organization and evaluation of the technology transfer function within institutions
Moderated by: Wesley Cohen, Duke University
1. Martin Kenney, University of California at Davis
2. Richard Helfrich, Alameda Advisors, Inc
3. Dana Bostrom, Portland State University 
4. Kristina Johnson, The Johns Hopkins University
5. Tony Hey, Microsoft Research

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Session 2: Effects of technology transfer and intellectual property management on the norms of the university
Moderated by: Margo Bagley, University of Virginia 
1. Jerome Kassirer, Tufts University School of Medicine
2. John Walsh, Georgia Institute of Technology
3. Melvin Bernstein, University of Maryland
4. Rochelle Dreyfuss, New York University
5. Sheldon Krimsky, Tufts University

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Session 3: Relationships with private research sponsors and best licensing practices

Moderated by: Craig Alexander, Howard Hughes Medical Institute
1. Diana Wetmore, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Therapeutics, Inc.
2. Arvids Ziedonis, University of Michigan
3. Allen Poirson, Glaucoma Research Foundation
4. Louise Perkins, Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation

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November 21, 2008

Session 4: Spawning new companies out of university research: Start-ups and spinoffs
Moderated by: Darius Sankey, Zone Ventures

1. Thomas Fogarty, Fogarty Engineering and Institute for Innovation
2. Donald Siegel, State University of New York at Albany
3. Case Grogan, California Institute of Technology
4. Steven Lazarus, ARCH Venture Partners
5. Krisztina Holly, University of Southern California

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Session 5: Alternatives to intellectual property-based, revenue- generating licenses in promoting technology transfer
Moderated by: Edward Lazowska, University of Washington

1. Arti Rai, Duke University School of Law
2. John Maraganore, Alnylam Pharmaceuticals
3. Forest Baskett, New Enterprise Associates
4. Dana Bostrom, Portland State University

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Session 6: Using research results to advance the greater social good
Moderated by: Alan Bennett, Public Intellectual Property Resource for Agriculture, Davis, California
1. Bhaven Sampat, Columbia University
2. Maria Freire, Albert and Mary Lasker Foundation
3. Ashley Stevens, Boston University
4. Labeeb Abboud, International AIDS Vaccine Initiative

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