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Clustering for
21st Century Prosperity



 Opening Session

Charles Wessner, The National Academies

 Panel 1: Clustering for Growth

--The Administration’s Cluster Initiative
Ginger Lew, White House National Economic Council   

--The NIST Contribution to Cluster Development
Marc Stanley, National Institute of Standards and Technology

 Panel 2: Clustering for Growth (Continued)

--Building out the Infrastructure: Expanding the EDA Role
John Fernandez, Economic Development Administration

Panel III: Building 21st Century Clusters:
The Role of State and Regional Governments

--Building on the Battery Initiative in Michigan
Doug Parks, Michigan Economic Development Corporation 

--Making the Big State Bigger: Current Texas University Initiatives
David Daniel, University of Texas at Dallas

--Cluster Development in Ohio
Rebecca Bagley, NorTech

Panel IV: Lessons from Abroad--Clusters, Parks,
& Poles in Global Innovation Strategies

--An Integrated Approach: Brazil’s Minas Gerais Strategy
Alberto Duque Portugal, Minas Gerais Secretariat for Science,
Technology and Higher Education, Brazil

--Brazil’s New Innovation Strategy
Francelino Grando, Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade, Brazil.

--Optimizing Synergies: The Hong Kong Science Park  
Nicholas Brooke, Hong Kong Science Park

--Best Practice in Cluster Strategy: The OECD Perspective
Mario Pezzini, Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development

Panel V: Clustering Around the Lab:
Best Practice in Federal Laboratory Commercialization

--Sandia National Laboratories as a Catalyst for Regional Growth
J. Stephen Rottler, Sandia National Laboratories

 Panel VI: University-Based Clusters

--The Power of Place 2.0: The Power of Innovation
Brian Darmody, Association of University Research Parks

--Current Trends and Challenges in University Commercialization
Ashley Stevens, Association of University Technology Managers and Boston University