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Building the 21st Century:
U.S. - China Cooperation on
Science, Technology, and Innovation



 Opening Session

Charles Wessner, Director, Technology, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship, The National Academies

--Opening Remarks
Alan Wm. Wolff, Dewey & LeBoeuf, LLP, and Chair, National Academies Study of Comparative National Innovation Policies

 Panel 1: Building the New Energy Economy

--New Renewable Energy Initiatives in the United States
Kristina Johnson, Under Secretary of Energy, Department of Energy

--Renewable Energy Policy in China
Ren Weimin, Vice President, Academy of Macroeconomic Research, National Development and Reform Commission

 Panel 2: Innovation Clusters and the 21st Century University

--Universities, Clusters, and Science Parks in China's Innovation Ecosystem
Lou Jing, Deputy Director General, Science and Technology Department, Ministry of Education

--Universities and the U.S. Innovation System
Charles Vest, President, National Academy of Engineering

--U.S. Initiatives for Building Innovation Clusters
Ginger Lew, Senior Advisor, White House National Economic Council

Panel III: ICT and Innovation: Growth Engine and Enabling Techno

--Broadband Strategy in the U.S.
Eugene Huang, Senior Advisor to the Chief Technology Officer, White House Office of Science and Technology Policy  

--ICT Development in the U.S. and Chinese Contexts
Mark Dean, Vice President for Technology Strategy and Global Operations, IBM

Panel IV: New Frontiers: Opportunities and Challenges for Cooperation

--InternationalCollaboration and Indigenous Innovation
Yang Xianwu, Deputy Director General, High and New Technology Department, Ministry of Science and Technology

--Joint U.S.-China Medical Research Opportunities
Anna Barker, Deputy Director, National Cancer Institute

--National Laboratories and International Cooperation
Robin Newmark, Director, Strategic Energy Analysis Center
National Renewable Energy Laboratory