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Flexible Electronics for Security, Manufacturing, and Growth



Panel 1: The Flexible Electronics Opportunity and Industry Challenges: Perspectives from Industry

The Promise and Potential of Flexible Electronics                                                                           

Ross Bringans, PARC

Julia Brown, Universal Display Corporation

Roll-to-Roll Fabrication of Transistor Arrays for Sensing and Display Applications

Carl Taussig, Hewlett-Packard

 Panel 2:The U.S. Interest: Security, Manufacturing, and Growth

Army Applications for Flexible Displays

John Pellegrino, U.S. Army Research Laboratory   

A State’s Initiative: Advancing Flexible Electronics in Ohio  

Bryon Clayton, NorTech

Panel 3: What is the Rest of the World Doing?

A Global Perspective

Andrew Hannah, Plextronics

German Policy Initiatives

Christian May, Fraunhofer Institute

Taiwan's Flexible Electronics Program

John Chen, Industrial Technology and Research Institute of Taiwan

Korea's Initiatives

Changhee Lee, Seoul National University

 Panel 4: What is Needed? Opportunities for Collaborative Activity

Road-mapping for Flexible Electronics

Dan Gamota, iNEMI

The Consortium Opportunity

Malcolm Thompson, RPO

Cooperating on The Manufacturing Challenge

Thomas Edman, Applied Materials