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Early-Stage Capital for Innovation—

SBIR: Beyond Phase II




January 27, 2011


National Academies Keck Center

500 5th Street, NW

Room 100

Washington, DC




Charles Wessner, The National Academies



Jacques Gansler, University of Maryland, and Chair of NRC SBIR Committee



Joseph Hennessey, National Science Foundation


Initial Results of the Survey of the NSF Phase IIB Program

Peter Grunwald, Grunwald Associates LLC



Matthew Dunne, ARPA-E


Army Initiatives

John Smith, United States Army


Air Force Initiatives

Augustine Vu, United States Air Force


A Prime’s Perspective

William Heisey, Lockheed Martin


NCI Initiatives

Michael Weingarten, National Cancer Institute**


NASA: Take-up of SBIR Technologies in NASA Missions

Joseph Parrish, National Aeronautics and Space Administration



** Unable to attend due to winter storm that struck the Washington area. Todd Haim of NCI delivered Mr. Weingarten’s presentation on his behalf.