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Measuring the Impacts of Federal Investments in Research


Star Metrics -  A Prototype Application to Describe Innovation: the Remicade/Enbrel Trace Study by Stefano Bertuzzi

Assessing Non-Market Impacts of Research by Richard Broglie

Medical Device Industry Perspective by Paul Citron

Aggregate Impact of Federally Supported Research on the US Economy and Quality of Life by Carol Corrado

The Complex Network of Skill and Ideas by James A. Evans

Promises and Limitations of Performance Measures (Powerpoint) by Irwin Feller

Data is Knowledge, Knowledge Data by Ian Foster

The Good/Bad of Federal Investments in R & D by Richard Freeman

Scientific Research and Public Problem Solving by Will Friedman

Funding and Impact of Biomedical and Health Research by Laura Guay

Star Metrics - Measuring the Effects of Research on Innovation, Competitiveness and Science by Julia Lane

Linking Knowledge with Action: An Approach to Science Grantmaking by Kai Lee

Impacts of Research on Decision Making and Public Behavior: A Biomedical Research Perspective by Garry A. Neil

The Challenges of Quantifying the Value of Research by Michael Roberts

Measuring  Knowledge Flows from Public Research: The State of the Art and Future Directions by Michael Roach

Impact of Publicly Funded Biomedical and Health Research: A Review (Powerpoint) by Bhaven Sampat

Measuring Impacts of ST &I Investments: Information Infrastructrue and a Few Examples by Marcio de Miranda Santos

Please pass me another metaphor, I'm sick of street lamps and elephants by Daniel Sarewitz

S & E Careers: Insights from  2010 Science and Engineering PhD and PostDoc Survey (SEPPS) by Henry Sauermann

Measuring the Impacts of Federal Investement in Research by Brian Sloan

Visual Analytics by John Stasko

If Measurement is the Answer, What is the Question? by Subra Suresh

Research Evaluation in the UK by Ian Viney

Estimating the Indirect Economic Benefits from Research by Bruce Weinberg

Theories and Tools for Measuring the Impact of Research by Lynne Zucker and Michael Darby