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60th STEP Board Meeting
May 30-31, 2013


Guest speakers included Arizona State University President, Michael Crow; Washington Post columnist, Steven Pearlstein; and members of MIT's Production in the Innovation Economy study: Elisabeth Beck Reynolds, Paul Osterman, and Olivier de Weck. The PIE study focuses on links between the innovation processes and manufacturing production processes needed to bring those innovations to market.  Guest speakers made presentations on: particular scale-up challenges facing manufacturing companies as they bring their products to market and prepare for large-scale production; the latest developments in advanced manufacturing technologies; the debated question of whether there are systematic shortages in the availability of the skills that manufacturing companies need.

Elisabeth Beck Reynolds presentationLearning by Building: Complimentary Assets and the Migration of Capabilities in U.S. Innovative Firms

Elisabeth Beck Reynolds
Executive Director, MIT Industrial Performance Center
Osterman presentation Skills Demands, Shortages (?), and Public Policy for the Manufacturing Workforce

Paul Osterman
Nanyang Technological University Professor, MIT
Olivier de Weck presentationTrends in Advanced Manufacturing Technology Innovation

Olivier de Weck 
Executive Director,
MIT Production in the Innovation Economy (PIE) Study


Former Senator Bingaman
Former Senator NM - Jeff Bingaman
(STEP Board member)

Proenza and Lester at STEP Board Meeting
Luis Proenza and Richard Lester
(STEP Board members)

Proenza and Joskow at STEP Board Meeting
Paul Joskow (STEP Board chair) and
Luis Proenza (Board member)
S. Pearlstein
Steve Pearlstein
(Washington Post columnist)
Michael Crow and Steve Merrill
Michael Crow (President, Arizona State Univ.) and Steve Merrill (Executive Director, STEP Board)
Sujai A. Bingaman and A. Wolff
Sujai Shivakumar (STEP Program Officer), Anne Bingaman, Alan Wolff)

  The next STEP Board meeting will be in California on October 24-25, 2013.