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University-Industry Demonstration Partnership
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UIDP membership is by organization; companies or universities interested in joining the UIDP family can apply by filling out the application form.

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UIDP's Mission, Values, and Goals

Mission Statement

The UIDP supports mutually beneficial U.S. University-Industry collaborations encouraging U.S. competitiveness by developing and disseminating strategies for addressing common issues between the two sectors.


The UIDP values an honest and open culture that is characterized by:
  • The development of a deep understanding and respect of the diverse goals, missions, and cultures among our universities and companies, and appreciation of the synergy that they can afford
Open communication:
  • An environment where mutual respect fosters candor and communication 
Commitment to making a difference: 
  • Innovation for the public good, maximizing to the greatest extent possible, the information and products that will ultimately be available to the public
  • Mutual commitment to shared scholarship, diversity, expertise, training and professional development
  • Alignment of the varied goals and cultures of university and industry in pursuit of innovation and research
  • Strategic, result-oriented thinking and the development of practical, active demonstrations. Recognition of the benefits of university-industry collaborations and the opportunity lost when mutually beneficial agreements cannot be reached
  • A commitment to principled and transparent negotiations


  • Promote education and research between companies, universities, and other research organizations to improve U.S. competitiveness, advance the U.S. scientific knowledge base and create an educated workforce by creating a forum to discuss collaborations in an environment of respect, open communication and integrity.
  • Provide professional development opportunities for contracting and research-performing practitioners
  • Serve as a test bed and undertake demonstrations to experiment and model innovative approaches to university-industry collaborative efforts
  • Support organizations committed to high value, high return university-industry partnerships
  • Promote principled, transparent and timely negotiations
  • Collaborative efforts to accelerate cooperative, multi-dimensional, long-term partnerships
  • Pursue efficiency and effectiveness, seeking to streamline transactions
  • Maintain and grow a cross functional set of UIDP projects and demonstrations that serve the needs of the members and other interested parties who sponsor and perform research
  • Provide timely communications (both internally and externally) on relevant issues