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UIDP Update

UIDP20: March 31-April 2
Lead Host: Purdue University

Pre-competitive Research: Positives and Pitfalls

Henry Bryant, Eli Lilly

Contemporary Approaches to Industry-University Engagements – Updates

Gary Bertoline, Purdue University – Tenure & Promotion 

David Bond, RIT – Student Research Projects 

Todd Cleland, University of Washington – Express Licenses 

James Delattre, Penn State – Patent Auctions 

Jilda Garton, Georgia Tech – Contract Continuum 

Wayne Johnson, U. Mass Lowell – I-Corps L 

Jeff Knable, Purdue – Contracting 


Perceptions, Misconceptions and Total Disconnects: Other Issues related to IP 

Chris Hewitt, BASF 

Hamid Piroozi, Purdue Research Foundation 

John Reid, John Deere 


Barriers Negatively Impacting University Industry Innovation Collaborations

Anthony Radspieler, Samsung

Tom Campi, Elanco 


Peer Led Team Learning

A.E. Dreyfuss 


UIDP materials, which include publications, webinars, videos, and presentations, reflect an amalgamation of the experiences and knowledge of those who participate in UIDP activities. The views and opinions expressed in UIDP materials do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of any individual organization or the UIDP. At no time should any UIDP materials be used as a replacement for an individual organization’s policy, procedures, or legal counsel.

Presentations are posted for 30 days with the permission of the presenters. UIDP member organizations can request presentations after the 30 day window by emailing