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UIDP membership is by organization; companies or universities interested in joining the UIDP family can apply by filling out the application form.

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  Regular Member

Companies, universities and other research organizations (not individuals) are eligible for membership.  Regular membership in the UIDP is offered on an annual basis for institutions and all full time employees from those institutions can participate in UIDP activities, including meeting attendance. Organizations seeking membership should complete an online application form or contact the UIDP staff at if further information is needed.


  Leadership Circle
Leadership Circle Membership carries with it an obligation to support the UIDP at a minimum level of $20,000 per year or $50,000 over a three year period. In return, Leadership Circle Members receive an attractive set of benefits that enhance and catalyze the value proposition afforded Leadership Circle Members.  Leadership Circle Members may nominate someone to sit on the Board, are prominently featured in UIDP materials, and have the opportunity to host a UIDP meeting at their home location. Virtually any type of organization may be Leadership Circle Member: companies, universities, foundations, agencies and associations, to name the most common. To become a Leadership Circle Member, complete the application form and submit it to