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UIDP Fellows Program

Convened by the National Academies, the University Industry Demonstration Partnership ( seeks to advance university-industry collaborations through the development of bold and innovative projects and implementation of valuable demonstrations.  

Proposed by UIDP members for adoption by the Partnership, these projects and demonstrations (projects that provide the means to introduce and experience innovative ideas and approaches and prepare the way for replication and up-scaling) are further developed by volunteers from the membership (and occasionally by outside parties with specific expertise) who develop the project scope, planned course of action, an aggressive timeline, and project deliverables.  Project deliverables can include a report, a tool for use in university-industry collaborations, and the generation of new knowledge and approaches for strengthening these collaborations.  Each project Working Group is led by co-chairs – one from industry and one from academia. Projects can range from a few months or longer based on the project scope and deliverable.

For details on each UIDP project and demonstration, please visit the UIDP Active Projects page.  

About the Fellows Program                                                                                   

In order to facilitate each working group’s effort’s, the UIDP identifies a project coordinator (or manager based upon experience) to work with team members and the co-chairs in the development of the project.  UIDP Fellows are asked to serve in this capacity and assigned to Working Groups after consultation with the Working Group co-chairs.

Representative tasks and assignments for project coordinators and managers:

  • Schedule conference calls, webinars, and on-site meetings
  • Record and document discussions that take place during these sessions
  • Research background information on project topic
  • Maintain information on UIDP Portal in order to create library of documents and reference information relevant to the project
  • Draft materials (reports, white papers, flyers etc) for internal and external use
  • Identify subject matter experts from outside the UIDP who can facilitate the Working Group’s efforts
  • Work with the co-chairs to ensure that the project timeline and milestones are being achieved

Eligibility and Application Process                                                                      

Students (both undergraduate and graduate), postdocs, research associates and other qualified individuals may apply by submitting a resume and cover letter in the form below.

UIDP projects can be initiated at anytime; therefore, fellowship applications are accepted throughout the year and reviewed upon receipt.


Based upon the characteristics of any given project and the experiences of the applicant, a modest stipend or travel allowance may be provided to enhance the educational experience.