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UIDP membership is by organization; companies or universities interested in joining the UIDP family can apply by filling out the application form (PDF) and emailing it to  
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PDF versions of UIDP publications are available for free download using the links below.  A single copy of any publication can be purchased for $15.00 (non-members); members may request complimentary hard copies (subject to availability).  To order hard copies, please email


Catalyzing University-Industry EngagementStrategic university-industry (U-I) relations strengthen the ideas-to-innovation process and are of great strategic importance to leaders in the public and private sectors. At this UIDP and GUIRR co-hosted workshop, the participants explored the current government-university-industry engagement models, identified specific challenges that are encumbering government-industry-university engagement, and discussed new approaches to university-industry collaborations.

Click here to download the Catalyzing University-Industry Engagement to Promote the Nation's Competitiveness Meeting Summary

Resilience CoverThe UIDP and MedStar Health Research Institute co-hosted an Ideas to Innovation (I2I) workshop on "Stimulating Collaborations in the Application of Resilience Engineering to Healthcare." Resilience engineering is an emerging field of study that focuses on the fundamental systemic characteristics that enable safe and efficient performance in expected and unexpected conditions.

Click here to download the Ideas to Innovation: Stimulating Collaborations in the Application of Resilience Engineering to Healthcare Meeting Summary

Fed Flowdown CoverThe UIDP Federal Flow-Down Project has developed this reference guide to increase awareness of those government flow-down clauses that are potentially problematic to subcontractors, identify alternative approaches when possible, and provide strategies for understanding and dealing with flow-down clauses between a prime contractor and its subcontractors. Additionally, the reference guide can be used to engage the government in discussions regarding the most troublesome issues.

Click here to download the Federal Flow-Down Project Reference Guide


Contract Accords ImageThese Contract Accords for University-Industry Sponsored Research Agreements were developed by a strategically assembled and dedicated team of research administration professionals from academia and industry. The Contract Accords address commonly recognized areas that can delay or derail projects, and typically require additional time for resolution. The objective of these Contract Accords is for each party to gain a greater understanding of how these topics can be adequately addressed and allow for mutual benefit to each party during the negotiation of sponsored research agreements. These Contract Accords reflect the consensus and best practices of university and industry UIDP representatives and continue to evolve.

Click here to download Contract Accords 1-10
Click here to download Contract Accords 11-15

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This Researcher Guidebook addresses the opportunities and challenges unique to institution and industry collaborations, specifically targeting active researchers (at all career stages) and is the product of the collective expertise of the UIDP's member representatives.  The guidebook is divided into two parts: Part 1 is dedicated to the Institutional Researcher; Part 2 is dedicated to the Industrial Researcher. These two companion  portions of the guidebook together create a strategic tool to promote greater understanding of the issues that face both parties in order to facilitate more effective collaborations for mutual benefit.  Reading this guidebook should lead the researcher to ask the right questions, both of the organization and of the potential collaborator, to determine whether to proceed with a particular collaboration. 

Hard copy booklets are available to order; for pricing and ordering information, contact  The guidebook may also be purchased as an ebook from Amazon.  

                                                     Click here to download Researcher Guidebook
                                                     Alternate format of Researcher Guidebook (single page view)
                                                     Press Release - July 11, 2012
                                                     Provide Feedback on the Guidebook and Suggestions for Future Editions

Partnership Continuum CoverIn this document, we present The Partnership Continuum as a model which can be used to explain how academia, industry, and government interact across the spectrum of partnership modes. It is our hope that consideration of The Partnership Continuum and the examples we reference will stimulate others to extend their current concepts regarding the meaning of “partnership” and identify new ways to partner with others to the maximum benefit of all involved.

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 “These principles are intended to support more productive collaborations between university and industry research leaders while recognizing that the missions and objectives of the university and industry partner are distinct. It is a fallacy to assume they are identical, or even in all cases compatible or complementary. The challenge then lies in understanding how the missions and objectives of both sides differ, and to shape relationships that allow both sides to achieve their desired objectives. With these guiding principles as a starting point, strategies and processes can be brought to bear to develop collaborations in which the parties’ disparate missions, objectives, and constraints can be simultaneously addressed to achieve a more beneficial outcome.”

Click here to download Guiding Principles



“The University-Industry Partnership has created this volume of individual case studies (here called “living studies”). Although a few involve licensing agreements, most of these living studies focus on challenges at the beginning of research partnerships, when sponsored research agreements are negotiated. The following Summary serves as an interpretive guide, showing how the Guiding Principles relate to each case.”

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ARTICLE: Strength in Numbers - Selection Magazine (January 2010)

Why University-Industry Partnerships Matter

Negotiation 2.0

“Balancing…The University-Industry Partnership” (July/August NCURA Magazine Issue: Special Theme: University-Industry Partnerships)

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UIDP members may distribute publications within their organizations and may share said publications with their collaborators for internal, non-commercial use only. The content of UIDP publications may not be modified. However, UIDP members may incorporate UIDP publications (without change) into member specific publications for internal, non-commercial use only. Prior to citing or including UIDP publications in customized publications, please notify UIDP by emailing