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Developing a tool for active researchers contemplating an institution-industry relationship

Project Champions
Institution:   Dudley Sharp, Arizona State University
Industry: John McEntire, Battelle/Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Project Summary:                       
Many institutional (i.e. universities, national labs and other nonprofit organizations) investigators wish to work with industry to advance their research agenda and ensure relevance of their scholarly pursuits. These investigators face challenges in identifying appropriate strategies for making the necessary connections within industry and dealing with industry related cultural differences.
Industry researchers face similar challenges. Industry project leaders and researchers may seek to access academic assets (personnel and infrastructure) to advance their product development and innovation programs. These researchers have similar issues in identifying appropriate strategies for engaging the right offices and individuals for making the necessary connections within institutions and dealing with their particular cultural differences.
UIDP members possess a wealth of experience in advancing institution-industry collaborations and are ideally suited for development of a primer specifically targeted to active researchers in academia and industry. The UIDP is creating a strategic tool targeted at promoting greater understanding of the issues that face both parties in order to facilitate more effective relationships to the mutual benefit of both parties.
Project Goals:                              
  • Administer a survey to institution and industry researchers in order to gather insight into pertinent topics for this handbook
  • Obtain additional input from UIDP members
  • Develop a tool which provides content that adds to the value proposition of the UIDP forum
Project Deliverables:  Researcher guidebook that can be provided to either an institution or industry researcher
Project Audience:  Active institutional and industrial researchers who seek to participate in an institution-industry relationship
Project Status:  The Researcher Guidebook is complete and available at   
Last Updated:  May 2012