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STRATEGIC PARTNERS                                                

  NIH logo
National Institutes of Health

NSF logo 
National Science Foundation


 American University Logo
American University

Arizonia State University Logo
Arizona State University

Ashland Logo
Ashland, Inc.

BASF Corporation

Boeing Logo
Boeing Company*

Boston University

Boston University

 BP logo
BP Corporation
North America Inc.

Caltech Logo
California Institute
of Technology

Carnegie Mellon University Logo
Carnegie Mellon University

Case Western Logo
Case Western Reserve University

Cisco Logo

Clemson University
Clemson University

Colgate-Palmolive logo

Colorado State University Logo
Colorado State University
Cook Medical Logo
Cook Medical, Inc.
Cornell Univ Logo
Cornell University 

Dow Logo
Dow Chemical Company

Drexel University Logo
Drexel University

Dupont Logo

Emory University

Emory University

Evonik Industries

GE Logo
GE Appliances

Georgia Tech Logo
Georgia Institute
of Technology *

Georgia Regents University logo
Georgia Regents University

Georgia State Logo
Georgia State University

Goodyear logo
Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co.

Harvard University

The Hershey Company Logo
The Hershey Company

Hewlett Packard Logo
Hewlett Packard*

IBM Logo

Intel Logo

Iowa Sate Logo
Iowa State University

Deere & Co Logo
John Deere & Company

Kansas State
Kansas State University

Kimberly-Clark Logo
Kimberly-Clark Corporation

Lockheed Martin logo
Lockheed Martin

Louisiana State University
Louisiana State University

MIT Logo
Massachusetts Institute
of Technology


MedStar Health logo
MedStar Health

Michelin Logo
Michelin North America

Michigan State Logo
Michigan State University

Mississippi State
Mississippi State University

Monsanto Logo
Monsanto Company

New Jersey Institute Logo
New Jersey Institute
of Technology

New Mexico State
New Mexico State

North Carolina State Logo
North Carolina State

Northern Illinois University Logo
Northern Illinois University

Northrop Grumman
Northrop Grumman

Northwestern Logo
Northwestern University

Novo Nordisk Logo
Novo Nordisk*

Ohio State Logo
The Ohio State University

Ohio University
Ohio University

Oklahoma State Logo
Oklahoma State University

Oregon State Logo
Oregon State University

Penn State logo
Pennsylvania State University


Pfizer Logo

Oregon State Logo
Procter & Gamble

Purdue Logo
Purdue University

Raytheon Company

Rensselaer Logo
Rensselaer Polytechnic

Rice University

RIT Logo
Rochester Institute of Technology

Rutgers Logo
Rutgers, The State University
of New Jersey

Samsung Logo


Semiconductor Research Logo
Semiconductor Research Corporation

Siemens Logo
Siemens Corporate
Research, Inc.

Stanford University logo
Stanford University


Syracuse University Logo
Syracuse University


Texas A&M Logo
Texas A&M University

Texas State Logo
Texas State University
San Marcos

Univ Akron Logo
University of Akron

Univ Alabama - Tuscaloosa Logo
University of Alabama
at Tuscaloosa

Univ Arizona Logo
University of Arizona

Univ Arkansas Logo
University of Arkansas

Univ California - Irvine Logo
University of California
at Irvine

UC Riverside logo
University of California
at Riverside

U of Cal Office of Pres
University of California
Office of the President

University of Colorado Logo
University of Colorado

Univ Conneticut Logo
University of Connecticut

University of Georgia
University of Georgia


Univ of Idaho
University of Idaho

Univ Illinois - Urbana Champaign Logo
University of Illinois
at Urbana-Champaign

Univ Iowa Logo
University of Iowa

Univ Kansas Logo
University of Kansas

Univ Kentucky Logo
University of Kentucky

Louisville Logo
University of Louisville

Univ Maryland Logo
University of Maryland
College Park

UMASS - Lowell
University of Massachusetts - Lowell

Univ Michigan Logo
University of Michigan

Univ Minnesota Logo
University of Minnesota

Univ Missouri Logo
University of Missouri

Univ Nebraska - Lincoln Logo
University of Nebraska
at Lincoln

Univ New Mexico Logo
University of New Mexico

Univ North Carolina - Chapel Hill Logo
University of North Carolina
at Chapel Hill

Univ North Carolina - Charlotte Logo
University of North Carolina
at Charlotte

UNC - Greensboro
University of North Carolina
at Greensboro
Univ Notre Dame Logo
University of Notre Dame
Univ Oregon Logo
University of Oregon
Univ Pittsburgh Logo
University of Pittsburgh
Univ Rochester Logo
University of Rochester
Univ South Alabama Logo
University of South Alabama
Univ Southern California Logo
University of Southern California
University of Southern Mississippi
University of Southern Mississippi
Univ Tennessee Logo
University of Tennessee
Univ Texas at Arlington Logo
University of Texas
at Arlington
Univ Texas at Austin Logo
University of Texas
at Austin
Univ Texas as San Antonio Logo
University of Texas
at San Antonio
University of Washington's Logo
University of Washington
Univ Wisconsin Logo
University of Wisconsin
at Madison
VCU Logo 
Virginia Commonwealth University
Washington State Logo
Washington State University  
Washington University in St. Louis
Washington University
in St. Louis
 West Virginia Logo
West Virginia University 

 *Leadership Circle Members
   As of 8/07/2014