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Partnership Continuum
Project Champions:

Jeff Southerton, Pfizer
Wayne Johnson, emeritus, VP Univ. Relations, HP, Microsoft, Raytheon

Geanie Umberger, formerly with University of Kentucky 
Goran Matijasevic, University of California – Irvine
Scott Steele, University of Rochester   
Project Summary: 
A project to identify and consider the multitude of mechanisms by which universities and industry can partner with each other to advance their interests. It is anticipated that a critical assessment of this continuum of partnership possibilities will assist others in facilitating future partnerships.
Project Goals: 
  • Identify partnership modes 
  • Categorize by types of engagement (student-oriented, research-oriented, access to resources, centers of excellence, economic development and strategic engagement) and assess these modes
  • Document the continuum using real-life examples
  • Map these to the continuum
  • Provide a commentary to facilitate future partnership creation
Project Deliverables:  
  • Information pamphlet for practitioners to consider when identifying and forming future partnerships
  • A shorter reference document listing the partnership types will also be generated 
  • Peer-reviewed article
Partnership Continuum 1    Partnership Continuum 2

Project Audience:        
                                  Anyone involved in the creation and fostering of alliances between universities and industry.
Project Status:      
                                  Approved, under development. Anticipated to deliver 1Q11
                                  Possible follow-ons include a survey of practitioners at all levels as well as a deeper analysis of a specific type of interaction.