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UIDP Testimonials
"...With the hope that the knowledge will make it easier to negotiate the agreements that we negotiate with each other in order to get the work done."

Connie Armentrout
Susan Butts
the organization, I've met many wonderful people who have been in leadership roles in their institutions.  Through those connections I have been able to do my job more effectively." 

Susan Butts

Dow Chemical Company
"...Getting together with the people from industry, people from universities that have common interests in improving relationships for national universities for national competitiveness...that dialogue that is occurring is very, very valuable to us.  Primarily, to me personally, the value is in the networking, meeting people I had not known before, that have very similar jobs that I have and enhancing industry-university Collaborations."  


Jerry Duncan
John Deere & Company
Tim Mulcahy
"...The UIDP has been a great benefit for the University of Minnesota and my colleagues at universities across the country by providing a unique forum in which university representatives; corporate representatives, as equal members of a team, can come together to discuss, demonstrate and to succeed in overcoming the kinds of challenges that often stand in the way of productive relationships between our companies and our research universities."

Tim Mulcahy
University of Minnesota
"...I love UIDP – think it is a fabulous collection of people... And really appreciate the ‘project’ approach to communication … nothing like that exists in any other organization. I’ve been working at the intersection of university and industry collaborations for over 25 years. This has been my first opportunity to feel as if I really have been able to make a difference in the way the two communities communicate with each other.”


Jennifer Murphy
George Mason University
Nuno Vaz
"...Since the first time I attended one meeting of the UIDP as a guest, it became clear, I wanted to be more than just a guest with UIDP; I wanted to become a member.”

Nuno Vaz
General Motors
 "...Well worth the money you spend and the networking that you can do.”

Marianne Rinaldo-Woods
University of Texas at San Antonio

Dow LogoIt is vital that we support academic research to ensure universities can continue the tradition of excellence in chemical engineering, chemistry and materials science to help address the needs of the industry and of our country.”

Dr. William F. Banholzer
Chief Innovation Officer