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UIDP Value Proposition

Collectively, it is the unique membership composition of the UIDP and its focus on demonstrable strategies to enhance collaborations between universities and corporate partners across a broad array of business sectors that represent the UIDP advantage.

The University Industry Demonstration Partnership (UIDP) was created less than three years ago. The concept and design of the University-Industry Demonstration Partnershipwas one of the products of over two years of discussion by a predecessor group, The University-Industry Partnership. This group consisted of a strategic set of individuals assembled by the Industrial Research Institute (IRI) and the National Council of University Research Administrators (NCURA) under the auspices of the Government-University-Industry Research Roundtable in the National Academies.

From its conception, the University-Industry Partnership was intentionally constructed to represent the entire spectrum of university-industry research relations. On the industry side, there was representation from a variety of industrial sectors – aerospace, agriculture, biotechnology, chemicals, consumer products, defense, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and software. Both small and large companies were consciouslyincluded. On the university side, both private and public universities, small and large, were at the table. It is important to remember that the “value proposition” varies for each of these parties.

Within both the industry and the university contingents, the decision making chain of command was represented in the membership: participants included bench researchers, research managers, vice presidents in charge of research resource allocations, legal counsel and other professionals devoted to sponsored research and licensing negotiations. Government interests and key professional organizations were also engaged.

The overarching philosophy of the University-Industry Partnership was that, by includingthe entire breadth of interests relevant to university-industry research partnering, one could arrive at a set of solutions and innovations. These measures would be robust enough to be widely adoptable by diverse partnerships on a national scale. This philosophy of actively pursuing industry sector breadth in order to generate robust solutions remains embodied in the UIDP mission and membership.

As noted previously, the “value proposition” offered by the UIDP varies by the intrinsic assets, activities and philosophy of each member. In addition, since UIDP membership is as much about an individual as it is an institution, the actual benefits will depend on the specific interests and needs of the individuals who represent their organization.

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Mode of Operation


The UIDP family is comprised of university, industry and government representatives who are the tactical and strategic leaders within the organizations’ research operations. Our participants include chief research officers, contract and grant managers, legal counsel and perhaps most importantly, scientists and engineers who are active researchers. For many UIDP participants, the partnership offers a forum where they can gain access to and engage other decision?makers in addressing challenges to industry and university partnerships.


The UIDP serves as a gateway for many of the new approaches being used by universities and industries who are interested in advancing research collaborations. This knowledge dissemination occurs at our meetings but also during the interim through e?mail exchanges, personal contacts established through the UIDP network, and workinggroups that address specific issues or tools.

Building Trust

The UIDP provides a neutral forum where people with varying expertise and perspectives can come and discuss issues of critical importance along the university/industry partnership continuum. This engagement, which takes place in formal and informal settings, allows members to build trust through the myriad of activities that the UIDP undertakes on behalf of the membership.


Different people can get different outcomes to suit their needs

The UIDP represents a diverse set of universities, colleges, non?profit organizations, federal agencies, and companies with a vested interest in advancing university/industry collaborations. The individuals who represent their institutions and willingly participate in UIDP activities do so in order to advance the goals of their organizations while helping them in their jobs. UIDP participants come from varying walks of life and have different positions and responsibilities within their organizations. Participation in UIDP events allows these representatives to customize the benefits gained from UIDP engagement through the myriad of activities sponsored by the organization.


Developing New, Bold Approaches

Since its inception, the UIDP has sought bold and innovative approaches to addressingmany of the challenges adversely affecting university/industry relations. Through ideas generated organically from its members, the UIDP creates demonstrations and projects that will tackle many of these challenging and thorny issues that can best be solved through disruptive, rather than incremental, efforts.

Implementing New Approaches

Through its committed group of institutions, the UIDP is comprised of members who are eager and willing to test and pilot many of the new, bold approaches that the UIDP seeks to develop through its activities.


Increased and Enhanced U-I Partnerships

There are many factors that affect the broad range of issues along the partnership continuum. UIDP members invest significant resources (financial, time, intellectual capital) because of their shared commitment to improved university/industry partnerships. As leading research funders and performers, UIDP members seek to accomplish their strategic goals through research collaborations.

The demonstrations, projects, tools and relationships provided through UIDP membership are expected to increase the number of U?I research interactions as well as enhance the quality and productivity of those interactions.

The University Industry Demonstration Partnership Board December 2008