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The Partnership Webinar Series is hosted by the National Academies’ University-Industry Demonstration Partnership (UIDP) to highlight programs and initiatives that support or impact university-industry collaborations and promote US competitiveness. [i]
The Partnership Webinar Series provides an extension to more traditional forms of outreach and engagement, complementing existing activities or offering a new approach to marketing research, building partnerships and finding commercialization opportunities. The UIDP began hosting webinars in 2010; since then, almost 70 Government, industry, academic, research and non-profit organizations have presented their programs and initiatives to thousands of interested parties from the research, development and commercialization arenas.  Prior webinars may be viewed here under "Archived Webinars." 

WHO PARTICIPATES?Fairbanks quote
The Partnership Webinar Series is available to organizations of all shapes and sizes; all it takes is an email ( to see if the series is a fit for you. Every organization uses the webinar series differently.
Government agencies use the webinars as a forum to discuss programs and initiatives they support and operate at the university-industry interface. Participation is open to anyone interested in understanding how universities and industry can seek government funding for their collective efforts. Agencies that have presented include the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA), the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the US Department of Agriculture (USDA).
·         Learn specifics about the types of projects that the funding agency is supporting
·         Identify contacts who are directing these funding programs and understand their funding directives more clearly
·         Learn about how the funding agency can/will support the development of an academic/industry collaboration
·         Gain some insight into the funding budget expectations for the coming year
Companies use the webinars to provide an overview of their strategies for engaging external parties and describe the process they use to identify potential partners, formalize arrangements and monitor activities. Participation is open to anyone interested in knowing how they can partner with industry to advance their institutional goals.
·         Learn specifics about the types of projects that the company supports
·         Identify contact(s) who are directing these efforts and understand their funding directives more clearly
·         Gain insights into prior arrangements that have met the company’s strategic goals
Universities and other research institutions use the webinars to present research strengths or intellectual property ready for licensing to raise awareness of project applications and solicit potential partners. Participation is open to anyone interested in learning about university discoveries with potential for commercialization and new product development.
·         Learn specifics about the research the university and/or specific research centres and institutes are undertaking
·         Hear directly from the researchers and ask them questions about their work
·         Learn about the institution’s capabilities that can be leveraged through partnership arrangements
Non-profit organizations, including representatives from foundations and charitable institutions, use the webinars as a forum to attract partners that can help them achieve their organizational missions and mandates. Participation is open to anyone interested in understanding the non-profit partnership opportunities available for funding research and development programs.
·         Learn about the funding available for research in support of organizational goals
·         Learn specifics about the type of research the organization will support
WHO ATTENDS? Botte quote
Webinar attendees typically represent individuals and decision-makers from across domestic and foreign government, corporate, academic and non-profit sectors, including organizations with and without internal research capabilities. UIDP stimulates participation at the webinars through outreach to their strategic contact list and through dissemination to other channels (listservs, LinkedIn, etc). Registration is open to all interested parties at no cost.
The cost of each webinar is $3000, incurred by the presenter. However, as a part of their membership benefits, there is no charge for UIDP members. Participation as audience members is free. As part of every webinar sign-up package, presenters have access to marketing and communication services through the UIDP to ensure they get the most out of their opportunity.
Please contact the UIDP at for more information.
To sign up to present a webinar, or to learn more about the Partnership Webinar Series and what it can offer your organization or institution, email

[i] The University-Industry Demonstration Partnership (UIDP) operates as a semi-autonomous activity convened by the National Academies and its Government-University-Industry Research Roundtable (GUIRR). The views expressed on these webinars are not necessarily those of the UIDP member institutions, National Academies or GUIRR. Responsibility for the webinar content rests entirely with the presenters.