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UIDP membership is by organization. Interested companies or universities learn more and apply by emailing

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University-Industry Demonstration Partnership (UIDP)
Fall 2013 Meeting
John Deere, Moline, IL
September 9 - 11, 2013


The September UIDP General Meeting offers you the opportunity to engage in pre-event discussions, view who is attending the meeting and arrange one-to-one meetings prior to and at the event.  Our networking tool is called groupsPLUS and is hosted on partnering360, the largest online network of life science professionals.  Joining partnering360 is free and gives you access to this vibrant community.


**You will only be able to access the networking tool once you have registered for UIDP General Meeting and have clicked on the groupsPLUS link in your confirmation email.




groupsPLUS Essentials



Profile - Your partnering360 profiles are your groupsPLUS profiles.  Make a great first impression by updating your personal and company profile.


Calendar - set your availability to allow meetings to be scheduled in your “Agreed meetings” column


Members - see who else is attending and easily request meetings with them by clicking the "meeting request" button on the Members tab. If your request is accepted, groupsPLUS will find a time slot for the meeting, based on the availability of both parties.


Discussions - join in discussions, add comments, create a topic.


Messages - incoming requests will be sent to your personal email and can be reviewed on the Messages tab on the partnering360 main menu. We hope you enjoy using our networking tool, and it helps you to prepare for a successful UIDP General Meeting


If you have any questions, please contact Karinne Bredberg at or Kristin Duffy at