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Associate Reports 
NRC Research Associates are required to submit an online Six-Month Progress Report when they reach six months of tenure at their participating agency and a Final Report at the end of their tenure. Final reports should be submitted as an e-mail attachment sent to your Program Coordinator.

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Renewals and Extensions
For Associates interested in renewing or extending their tenure, if permitted by their agency, an Application for Renewal or Extension and the Evaluation of Associate by Adviser must be submitted to your Program Coordinator with the required signatures.

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        (to be completed by Associate)

bullet icon  Evaluation of Associate by Adviser Word icon
        (to be completed by Adviser)

Resignations/Early Terminations

Associates who choose to complete their tenure before the allotted time, a Resignation/Early Termination Form must be completed and signed by the appropriate people, and sent to your Program Coordinator.

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