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Public Symposium on Author Deposit Mandates for Federal Research Grantees

Thursday, January 29, 2009
16:30 Eastern Standard Time

The National Academies
Keck Building, Room 100
500 Fifth Street NW
Washington, DC

Chair: Michael Lesk

The symposium was audiocast and is available here for you to listen to. This is a 14MB Real Media file.

Those who cannot attend may listen to a live audio webcast of the symposium and submit questions using an e-mail form; links to listen to the webcast and submit questions will be available at the time of the event at

Remote participants who wish to submit questions or comments, should send them to beginning at 16:30 January 29.


General discussion of speakers with the audience

The Symposium adjourns at 18:15 EST, and will be followed by a reception.