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Third Meeting of the
Board on Research Data and Information
National Research Council

1800 M Street NW, North Lobby, 9th Floor (morning)
1800 M Street NW, South Lobby. USDA Waugh Meeting Room, 3rd Floor (symposium)
Washington, DC
June 3, 2010
NAS Keck Center, Room 201
500 Fifth Street NW
Washington, DC
June 4, 2010
Thursday, June 3, 2010
1800 M Street NW, North Lobby, 9th Floor
Meeting of the US National Committee for CODATA
Executive Committee
Open Session 
08:50      A. Opening Remarks
1. Welcome and introductions
Roberta Balstad
2. Goals and agenda review for USNC/CODATA activities
09:00      B. Review of International and USNC/CODATA Activities
1. Action Plan for the GEOSS Data Sharing Principles (DSP) and APN Workshop on DSPs in Asia
Bob Chen, Paul Uhlir
ACTION: Provide input on plans
2. Plans for 2010 CODATA Conference in Cape Town
Roberta Balstad and Bob Chen
ACTION: Discuss possible US participation/activities
3. CODATA Task Group proposals and Executive Board/Officer nominations
Bonnie Carroll
ACTION: Review Task Group proposals and advise on US CODATA support by October 2010
ACTION: Review slate of candidates for Officers/Exec Committee and advise on voting
4. SCCID issues
Bob Chen
5. Action items for the 2010 CODATA Executive Committee meeting
Sara Graves and Bob Chen
ACTION: Advise on any policy or voting issues
6. US-China Roundtable and bilateral Data Sharing study
Roberta Balstad
ACTION: Advise on topics and experts for the study
7. US-India Roundtable planning meeting
Subhash Kuvelker
ACTION: Advise on topics and potential funders
8. The Polar Information Commons and other CODATA issues
Roberta Balstad and Bob Chen
- General discussion
10:45      Coffee Break
Meeting of the Full Board on Research Data and Information
1800 M Street NW, North Lobby, 9th Floor
Open Session
11:00      C. Welcoming Remarks
Michael Lesk
1. Introductions
2. Review of action items since last meeting
3. Agenda review
11:15      D. Report on Projects since the Second Board Meeting
1. International Symposium on Designing Microbial Research Commons
Paul Uhlir
2. Symposium on Data Sharing Plans and on the Scientific Benefits of Data Sharing in GEOSS
Roberta Balstad
3. Symposium on Scientific Data for Evidence Based Policy and Decision Making
Michael Lesk
4. Managing the Exaflood – AAAS 2010 Symposium
Bonnie Carroll and Michael Nelson
5. Fourth Meeting of the U.S.-China Roundtable on Scientific Data Cooperation
Roberta Balstad
-- General discussion
11:40      E. BRDI Strategic Plan
Michael Lesk, Roberta Balstad
- General discussion
12:00      LUNCH (in meeting room)
12:20      F. Lunch speaker
Fran Berman, RPI (Co-chair of the report and BRDI member)
13:00      G. Briefings from Federal Interagency Data and Information Groups
Bonnie Carroll, Executive Director
Linda Moodie
13:30      H. Discussion with Sponsors
1. National Science Foundation
Philip Bogden, NSF
Jerry Sheehan, NLM
Allan Astley, DTIC
Paul Zielinski, NIST
5. Institute for Museum and Library Services
Joyce Ray, IMLS
Peter Young, LC
Scott Hausman, NCDC/NOAA
Agenda Item G (continued)
3. Interagency Working Group on Digital Data
Ken Thibodeau, NARA
15:40      Break
18:15      Adjourn
Closed Session
18:45      Board Member Working Dinner: Bistro d’Oc, 518 10th Street NW (between E and F Streets)
Friday, June 4, 2010
National Academy of Sciences
Keck Building, 500 Fifth Street NW, Room 201
Open Session
9:00        J. Review of Planned BRDI and US CODATA Projects
1. Overview of projects
Michael Lesk
2. Symposium and Workshop on the Future of Scientific Knowledge Discovery in Open Networked Environments
Paul Uhlir
3. Fourth US – China Roundtable Meeting
Roberta Balstad, Subhash Kuvelker 
4, U.S. - China Joint Study on Improving Scientific Data Sharing (see item B.6)
Roberta Balstad, Subhash Kuvelker
-- 2010 and 2011
ACTION: Suggest study issues and committee members
5. US – India Planning Workshop on Scientific Data and Information Cooperation (see item B.7)
Michael Lesk, Subhash Kuvelker
ACTION: Suggest potential topics and activities 
6. For Attribution: Developing Data Citation Practices and Standards
Michael Lesk
ACTION: Discuss scope and structure of the project
7. Deriving More Value from Partially Restricted Databases
Michael Lesk
ACTION: Discuss scope and structure of the project
8. The Case for International Sharing of Scientific Data
Paul Uhlir
ACTION: Discuss scope, structure, and participants.
9. Young scientists’ roles in BRDI activities
Paul Uhlir
ACTION: Discuss implementation
11:10      K. Review and Discussion of International CODATA Action Items
Roberta Balstad
11:45      Lunch (in meeting room)
12:15      L. Outreach and Coordination with Other Organizations with Related Activities and Interests
Michael Lesk
Discussion with representatives of external groups focused on the following issues:
- Areas in which we have common objectives
- What you think the Board should focus on in the near term, and
- Identification of any issues or activities in which you think we might usefully coordinate or collaborate.
1. Association of Public and Land-grant Universities - David Shulenburger, Vice President, Academic Affairs
2. Association of Research Libraries - Karla Strieb, Assistant Executive Director
3. Coalition for Networked Information - Clifford Lynch, Executive Director
4. American Society for Information Science – Gary Marchionini, President
5. National Information Standards Organization - Todd Carpenter, Executive Director 
6. Coalition for Academic Scientific Computation – Stanley Ahalt, Chair
14:15      Break – End of Open Session
Closed Session
14:30      M. Discussion and Plans for Future Board Activities
Michael Lesk
- BRDI Strategic Plan (see item E)
ACTION: Approve new draft
- Other issues, items raised by the Board members, and general discussion
16:00      N. Closing Session
Michael Lesk
1. Action items, schedule, and assignments
ACTION: Review action items/assignments and solicit forms with date of next meeting
2. Chair’s closing remarks
16:15      END OF MEETING