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Committee on Grand Challenges in International Development 

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The U.S. National Academies are working with the US Agency for International Development (USAID) on a major new initiative called Grand Challenges in International Development.  The intent of this initiative is to focus global attention on specific solvable development problems and to mobilize science and technology resources, and innovative programs to address these problems.


For more information please contact:

Liz Sharp:
Robert Gasior:

Project Scope

 USAID has asked the National Research Council to assist in connecting Grand Challenges for Development to the global scientific and technological community.  In particular, they hope that members of leading international scientific networks can help to: 

  • Identify new focus areas for the Grand Challenges;
  • Learn about major S&T developments that might help solve a Grand Challenge for Development;
  • Provide ideas on unique programmatic responses to Grand Challenges for Development; and
  • Maximize participation in the program by international S&T experts.  

Grand Challenges for development

Click on a Grand Challege for Development to find out more information

Saving Lives at Birth  All Children Reading   Powering Ag   Making All Voices Count 


Christine Moe (Chair), Emory University
Bernard Amadei, University of Colorado
Roger Beachy, Danforth Plant Science Center Washington University
Jane Guyer, Johns Hopkins University
Calestous Juma, Harvard University
Paul Kim, Stanford University School of Education
Ranjiv Khush, Aquaya Institute
Richard Klausner, The Column Group
Amory Lovins, Rocky Mountain Institute
Crystal Patil, University of Illinois, Chicago
Eric Rasmussen, AccessAgility
Amy Smith, Massachusetts Institute of Technology